Which Liquid for Electronic Steam Generators to Choose?


Which Liquid for Electronic Steam Generators to Choose?
After the final choice of an electronic cigarette model, anyuser is faced with another, no less important question - which liquid for refuelling should they prefer? How to decide on the taste,strength of the composition, which brandto choose? In this article, Online Vape Store experts will explain the present fortress selection formula and recommend best flavours for you to vape.

The compositions are traditionaland not so: What to Prefer?

In any composition the prevailing part is occupied by 2 components - glycerine and propylene glycol. Moreover, in the standard version, their ratio is approximately 35-40 to 50-55, respectively (the remaining 10% is occupied by water, flavouring and, if available, liquid nicotine). Such a liquid provides average vaporization and taste transmission,gives a moderate blow to the throat.

UK Vapor Vapes offer its customers only standard formulations, because they are optimal for most wipers.

There are also non-standard formulations in which eitherpropylene glycol orglycerine prevails. Such liquids are used forindividual intolerance to one of the components, as well as if you want toget a certain effect. For example, a liquid based on propylene glycolgives a fairly strong blow to thethroat, but provides little steam and a verymild taste. Glycerine formulations, on the contrary, give a lot of thick steamat the exit, but the feeling of strength is minimal. Because of this, there is apossibility of not feeling satiety in time and getting a nicotine overdose, the effect ofwhich, as a rule, is not critical, but still unpleasant.

How to determinethe strength?

When choosing a liquid, the most important thing is to choose the composition "for you". This implies both the determination of the optimal strength and the selection of the desired flavours. Note that almost all worthy manufacturing plants produce 5 gradations:

  • Nicotine free (0 mg / ml)
  • Super light (6 mg / ml)
  • Light (11-12 mg / ml)
  • Strong (16-18 mg / ml)
  • Super strong (24 mg / ml)

How to decideon a taste?

Today there are a lot of taste variations of liquids - one can say that this is one of the advantages of electronic cigarettes over ordinary ones. You can always choose exactly the range of flavours that are closer to you. There are compositions of tobacco, fruit and berry, mixed (cocktails), sweet, tasteful drinks, dry herb vaporizer UK and many others. 

It is hardly possible to confidently recommend any specific tastes to novice wipers - nevertheless, this parameter is purely individual. Here are just a few recommendations:

  1. If you don’t know which taste to prefer, go for the most popular options available on UK Vapor online vape store: all compositions are arranged in descending order of popularity.
  2. For beginners, it is preferable to start with tobacco flavours. Another option is to tryDry Herb vaporizer UK. If, for some reason, you do not want to try tobacco liquid, then, despite this, purchase 2 different compositions at once for comparison: both tobacco or with any other taste.
  3. Try new flavours. Moreover, now it is much easier to do this due to the tasting stand, which is installed in vape stores. Thus, you have the opportunity not only to rely on your own assumptions and expert advice, but also in practice to choose what you like.
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