Vintage CBD: To experience blend of new and old spices

Get an extensive range of lab-quality and premium vaping hardware, e-liquids and accessories at UK Vapor Waves. With our Vintage CBD collection, explore the vintage setting and experience nostalgia with each vape.

Vintage CBD

Vintage CBD is perfect for vintage and old-school vibes and flavours!

CBD liquids by Vintage have a very refreshing and fizzy taste which gives you a sense of nostalgia when it comes to taste and vibes.

You will feel a very playful note while inhaling and a calming note while exhaling the CBD e-liquid by Vintage.

Not only this, it is available in different flavours including black currant, kush, raspberry, berry blaze, cherry ice and many more.

With a perfect combination of 70% of VG and 30% of PG, CBD by Vintage is perfect for every sub-ohm device.

Now say yes to better vaping days! Choose the flavours that entice you and add them to your cart.

Pay with any card you have and get the order delivered to your home! Voila! You placed an order with us in just a few clicks!

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