Customize your vaping experience with RDA RTA RDTA tanks

Whether you’re an experienced vaper or want to customize your vaping experience, rebuildable tanks are perfect for you. Get your hands on UK Vapor Waves’s rebuildable tanks including RDA RTA RDTA tanks for an undeniable vaping experience!


An Advanced vape for vape enthusiasts!

Known as vape tanks or rebuildable atomizers, RTA, RDTA or RDA are advanced vapes that feature a deck to install wicks and coils by the user. Though, each one of them is considered an RBA.

So, you no longer have to use tank-fed coils and juices, you can add coils and juices to an RDA, RTA and RDTA on your own.

However, they can be more complicated than your general tank-fed vapes but there is no doubt that they are all worth it when it comes to experience.

So, do not stop yourself from experimenting with and experiencing increased standards of vaping. Check out our complete range of RTA RDA RDTA tanks and book your orders fast.

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