Tasty Fruity e-liquids; to enrich your taste buds!

Experience a tropical explosion of your favourite fruits with the Tasty Fruity e-liquids and light up your day instantly. Order the one that excites you the most!

Tasty Fruity CBD

Enriched with the flavours of all the tropical and exotic fruits, Tasty Fruity is made for all fruit lovers!

Same as its name, the flavours are quite fruity and pleasant on your palate. This Malaysia-based e-liquid is here to win everyone’s hearts. The cooling effect of this e-liquid refines your taste buds and gives you a strong and powerful taste with each vape.

Moreover, with a blend of 70% of VG and 30% of PG, this liquid is the best for sub-ohm vapes! It is available in some great flavours including strawberry apple, strawberry orange, Lychee Apple, Mango and blackcurrant.

But this is not it! There are a lot more flavours available than you have anticipated. For the original liquids and their iced versions, take a look at our collection of Tasty fruity CBD.

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