Features of the Use of Electronic Cigarettes in Winter

Features of the Use of Electronic Cigarettes in Winter

At positive temperatures, you can enjoy vaping without any problems. However, with the onset of cold weather, the mod may start to work unstably, the clearomizer leaks or completely stops evaporating the anarchist e-liquid. But these troubles are by no means a reason to return to regular cigarettes, since there are ways to return the vape to full functioning.

Typically, vapes are powered by lithium batteries, which are notoriously bad for cold temperatures. The influence of cold weather leads to a rapid discharge of the battery and a rapid and significant reduction in its service life.

To avoid problems with the battery, in winter, you can use a special case, a spare battery, which can be used in case of problems with the main one, or, the easiest way, to hold the device, while vaping, closer to the body, covering it with gloved hands. 

At low temperatures, the Vampire vapes e-liquid thickens and what to do with it to avoid leaks:

  • Glycerine, which is part of every liquid, also creates serious problems in winter. At negative temperatures, the anarchist e-liquid simply freezes, not having time to reach the spiral, leaving the cotton wool dry and depriving the owner of the vape of pleasure.

In this case, you can try to abandon the traditional ratio of 70 to 30 and mix glycerine with propylene glycol in equal proportions, fifty-fifty. When the slurries thicken in the cold, the same balance should be obtained - 70 to 30. 

  • Floating in the cold, due to the temperature difference between the heated liquid and the environment, can cause a violation of the vape design, which leads to very unpleasant leaks, which can result in completely unnecessary stains on clothes or filling the battery. To do this, you need to properly lay the cotton, not very tightly and, accordingly, not freely, so that the liquid is soaked normally and you do not catch the garlic. 
  • To prevent problems, it is recommended after vaping to take out the batteries from the box mod and put the device in the inner pocket. In addition, after using the electronic cigarette in the cold, it is worth wiping the contacts between the battery base and the evaporator to completely remove the condensation. In general, it is best to soar the vape in the cold season occasionally and for a short time, when you leave the room in the cold, in this case you have only a few minutes for a “smoke break”, the Vampire vapes e-liquid is more likely to thicken, therefore, warm up your device to avoid embarrassment and always carry dry wipes with you, such is the fate of the vaper!!!! 

Features of using an electronic cigarette in winter

Winter and cold off-season is the time for acute respirators, which can be earned by inhaling hot steam along with cold air. Therefore, it is worth remembering about a warm scarf and soaring in short puffs. 

During cold weather, it is advisable to forget about menthol liquids, paying more attention to fruit and tobacco.

In addition, remembering children's embarrassment, with a tongue or lips frozen to the metal, you need a so-called drip tip (mouthpiece) format 510 or 810, depending on the type of atomizer you are using, the best are: derlin, rubber or drip types. from stabilized wood.

It is possible that these simple recommendations will allow you to enjoy the thick and tasty steam even in the cold season, avoiding many troubles.

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