How to Distinguish an Original E-Cigarette from a Fake?


How to Distinguish an Original E-Cigarette from a Fake?
In 2020, the number of copies in the vaping market, in comparison with the original devices, increased sharply in the vaping market. Moreover, for repair, they bring electronic cigarettes not only from little-known sellers, but also from well-known companies that know for sure that they are selling copies.

The reason for offering counterfeit e-cigarettes lies in a much lower purchase price: a copy costs about half the price, and is sold at a "normal" cost, and sometimes even higher, so that the buyer does not have any suspicions of "originality". Vape Shop experts admit that large sellers may periodically purchase copies through no fault of their own, since they do not work directly with the manufacturer, but through intermediary sites. However, this does not prevent the return of a batch of copies to the supplier. But instead, the company often decides to sell products at the original price. Regardless of whether the seller of counterfeits is aware of the originality of the product being sold, intellectual property law implies serious liability for this, protecting the copyright of manufacturers.

What is the cost of buying a copy of an e-cigarette in UK?

In service centres of Vape Shop, specialists see a variety of fakes every day - they are produced in more than one factory, their microcircuits are different. Each model has its own differences, but there are also common "features":

  • The microcircuit of the copy almost always has a stripped-down functionality that does not affect the voltage supply, but affects the safety of the product, since a number of protections are missing. In particular, from battery overcharge, deep discharge and short circuit.
  • If in the original electronic cigarette, the function "intelligent varivatt" is implemented, when the microcircuit adjusts the power depending on the resistance of the evaporator, then this function is always absent in the copy. The operation of such devices-copies is based on the principle of mech mod: the voltage supplied to the spiral corresponds to the battery charge level.
  • If the manufacturer has implemented an innovative system for operating at a reduced voltage (below 2 volts) in a device that is not a box mod, then the voltage in the copy will be from 3.3 volts. When installing original evaporators in a copy, they will operate at a power 3-4 times higher than the permissible one.
  • In a copy, the quality of the microcircuit is always worse than the original: due to cheaper elements, the device often fails.
  • Battery capacity is incorrect in 90% of copies. Often, even the dimensions of an unpackaged battery differ by 2-3 times.

Since the material of manufacture, the type and capacity of the battery differ from the original, copies weigh 2-30% less. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to check an e-cigarette in UK for originality, first take it in your hands and, if possible, weigh the product by comparing the resulting weight with the description on the manufacturer's website.

In fake box mods, the quality of the case is lower: they put cheap inserts instead of carbon ones, the material is inferior in strength and weight.

How to check an electronic cigarette for originality upon purchase?

Check the code from the box on the manufacturer's official website. Recently, there have been information leaks with code bases, but in most cases the verification works.

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