Do you want to quit smoking once and for all, but do not know how to do it? Pay attention to vapes. In terms of choosing your first device, you can get lost among the many models. Through trial and error, you will come to the desired system, but time, money and nerves will be spent. What are the common mistakes buyers make when choosing a device? Experts have selected the TOP 5 most popular ones: now you definitely won't let them! 

  1. Saving on the first device

Those who like to save money usually pay twice. In an attempt to buy a cheaper vape, you will purchase an outdated or low-powered model that will not satisfy your needs. Having bought a used or low-quality device, you can count on the following:

  • insufficient amount of steam;
  • weak power;
  • short working time;
  • poor taste transmission;
  • disappointment and return to tobacco 

Despite the seeming simplicity of the device, you will have to focus on a fairly large list of parameters. Due to the variety of vapes, the choice will be difficult. Decide on the basis of:

  • size of the device: you will have to spend a lot of time with it;
  • capacity of the tank itself - so that there is enough refuelling for the whole day;
  • features of the location of the windings and the design of the air channels.
  1. Wrong choice of power

For beginners, the question is about the choice of spiral and power. The paradigm is which alloy of the winding is more durable: stainless steel, titanium, nickel? In order not to rush to the shops later in search of a replacement part that will last longer, choose a proven canthal, since this material does not change resistance when heated.

Thermal control should not be discounted in any case. This function saves bathers from burning, burned-out cotton wool and burnout of the incandescent part, since it does not allow the spirals in the winding to heat up above the set temperature threshold. 

Using a low resistance coil will result in hot steam, strong taste, large clouds, and coughing. You are clearly not ready for this!

If the resistance of the evaporator is high (more than 1 ohm), then a mod with a lower incandescence level can be used. Powerful mods like SMOK UK are worth buying for those who prefer sub-ohm vaping.

  1. Excessive focus on design

Marketers know exactly how to make a good impression, what colour the device will be and what to give in addition, so that the buyer shows interest and purchases the product. It follows from this that when buying, one should be guided not only by the external design of the device, but also by its functionality.

  1. Constructive neglect

To begin with, it would be nice to understand how an electronic cigarette works. Conceptually, it consists of two main parts: a battery pack and controls on one side and an atomizer on the other. In other words, an atomizer in the form of a container with CBD e-liquid UK and heating coils installed in it is connected to the mod through a special connector. Receiving power from it, the spirals are heated to a certain temperature, and turn the incoming liquid into clouds. This is how the vaping process takes place. 

Battery mods come with stationary and removable batteries. Newbies tend to opt for built-in batteries because there is no need to change expensive batteries. This type of system is most often limited in power (25 - 100W), although some models are also capable of providing a full range of vaping experiences. 

  1. Buying cheap replacement batteries

A completely unattractive layout: if you want the batteries to serve for a long time, hold a charge and do not let you down at the most inopportune moment, you should give preference to proven brands.

If you want to quit smoking or make a lifestyle change, it's worth taking a step forward. Sometimes we are wrong, but this is an experience! Visit UK Vapor Waves and buy the best original starter kits for vaping, SMOK UK, atomizers, mods, CBD e-liquid UK, sub-systems and other products!

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