How to Smoke an Electronic Cigarette Properly?


How to Smoke an Electronic Cigarette Properly?
Understanding how to properly use an electronic cigarette comes with experience. IVG e-liquid experts save your time and give you a number of practical instructions that will help you avoid many problems with your device in the future andenjoy the vaping process to the fullest.

In order for Vaporesso Luxe 2 to give you pleasure and the impression not to deteriorate due to leaks and liquid getting into your mouth, you must perform the correct puffs: long, smooth, measured. However, aspiring vipers who are accustomed to regular tobacco cigarettes often experience:

  1. Sharp puffs

The most popular mistake of novice wipers, the price of which is leaksin the threaded connection to the battery, through the mouthpiece or through the air intake(depending on the model). By analogy with tobacco cigarettes, the smoker takes quick and sharp puffs. Of course, it is difficult to give up a habit that has appeared a long time ago, but if you switched to an electronic device, then be prepared to make a measured and smooth puff. Specialists recommend making even puffs for about 4-7 seconds.

  1. Double puffs

Often, they appear involuntarily, due to habit, haste and a desire to get high faster. For experienced Vaporesso Luxe 2 users, this problem arises when trying to get more vapor.As a result, liquid flows out of the evaporation system, it gets into the base of the atomizer and leaks along the thread or excess liquid gets into the steam shaft. In this case, the wiper begins to literally "drink liquid", because it enters his mouth through the mouthpiece.

After each puff, it is recommended to make a pause of no less durationthan the puff itself. This will allow the evaporation system to cool down and lowerthe steam temperature as well as extend the life of the evaporator.

To learn:How to hold a cigarette?

Do not forget that the cigarette should not be held in a strictly horizontalposition, but with a slight downward slope towards the battery. This is due to thescheme of liquid circulation during vaporization - it enters the evaporator from below. If the orientation of the cigarette in the cartomizers is incorrect, the“wettability” of the wick deteriorates. The most common mistake in this aspectis smoking in bed: while lying on your back, it is difficult to hold Vaporesso Luxe 2 in the correct position.

To learn: How to Prevent the Taste of Burning?

It is better to prevent burning than to get rid of it, which is quite difficult and, in some cases, requires replacement of the evaporator. To avoid the problem of burning, you need to follow basic instructions for smoking an e-cigarette:

1) Use only the device filled with liquidand do not evaporate the tank dry before the next refuelling;

2) Smoke at the optimal voltage: IVG e-liquid manufacturers advice to set themost suitable value of the varivatt,regardless of the resistance of the evaporator and the type of evaporation system;

3) Do not tighten or too loose:it is necessary to maintain the circulation of liquid in the evaporator;

4) If you are using a battery in varivatt mode, be sure toclean the electronic cigarette from contamination weekly.

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