Having cigarettes even with the health warning written on the box is not cool! What’s actually cool is to vape which has got least side effects with the same smoking vibes offered. Vaping is electronic devices like e-cigarettes that produce vapours similar to tobacco smoking. Vaping devices are filled with e-liquid or vape juices whose aerosols are delivered to the user. Vaping is interesting as one can choose from a range of vape liquid flavours available in the market. Reymont disposable vape is the most popular vape amongst vapers.

Vaping devices                                                     


Cig-A-Like as the name suggests resembles the shape and size of a real cigarette. It was the earliest vaping device to be introduced in the market. It has a battery and flavour cartridge fitted in it. Some cig-a-likes also contain LED lights.

You should opt for a Cig-A-Like if you are new to vaping. When planning to quit smoking, the first device to search for is Cig-A-Like. This device is ideal for learning how to vape. Also, it’s very easy to use and is also easy to be carried. Get a similar smoking experience without exposing yourself to the harmful effects of a real cigarette.

Unfortunately, Cig-A-Like has got its own cons too. Professional vapors don’t usually prefer these devices because of their short battery life. They have also got low performance when compared to other vaping devices. It has less vape juice carrying capacity and also produces fewer vapors. Thus, Cig-A-Likes are ideal alternatives only for beginners.         


Vape pens are typically characterized by a vape juice tank and a battery. Vape pens are best known for their inbuilt safety features which impulsively shut them off after a few seconds. Modern models are also equipped with a USB port for fast charging.

Choose vape pens if you are a travel freak and love to vape when out. This is an extremely portable, affordable and easy to use vape device.

Vape pens also offer disadvantages like shorter battery life and difficulty cleaning the tank.                                                  


Pods use nicotine e-salts to produce vapors. They are much like a Cig-A-Like.

Consider buying a pod if you like a greater concentration of nicotine in vape juice UK. Beginners can also enjoy pods as they are easy to use and portable. A pod gives a similar smoking experience as to a traditional cigarette.

Don’t put up with Pods if you wish for a device with longer battery life. Also, the high nicotine cut off won’t let you produce many vapours.                                                         


Mods are bulky and large vaping devices. It typically has batteries and a vape tank. Some mods even allow temperature and voltage adjustment. Mods are equipped with the best safety features.

Mods extend the best vaping experience out of all vaping devices. You can also control your experience through various control settings. Mods are ideal for professional vapers as they have got longer battery life.  

The only disadvantage is that these devices are a bit complex and might not suit beginners.

Remember, there’s nothing like an ideal vape device it's only the preferable features that can be taken care of.

 Smoking Kills, Vaping saves!

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