Vaping is emerging as a safer alternative for tobacco making. Vaping makes use of an electronic device to produce vapours while delivering nicotine. Vaping turns out best on your quit smoking campaign. It put forward a real smoking experience with the fun of various flavours and the least health effects. Look for the best Vape kit UK only at UK Vapor Wavers.

Features of Vaping devices 

  1. Ease of use – Beginners and professional vapors look for different usability criteria. Some devices are extremely easy to use by just pouring in desired vape flavor and vaping right back. Beginners must look for this feature for the ultimate vaping experience.
  2. Battery life– devices like Cig-a-like does not offer a long battery life while devices mods do. Evaluate your smoking habits and decide accordingly. For heavy smokers, mods are considered best while for light smokers, cig-a-like, pods etc are a good option.
  3. Flavor Vaping is fun when the flavor is of your choice. Go only for devices that let you dictate which flavor goes inside you. Countless vape juice and liquids options are available on market today. Voopoo drag X is one such vape most liked by professional vapors.
  4. Nicotine usage the harmful effects of smoking are mostly eliminated by vaping devices. But nicotine also plays a crucial role in your health status. Thus, with the vaping device, you can control the amount of nicotine you inhale. Some devices offer a great nicotine level in vapors while others put forward less amount of nicotine. Choose your kind of device.
  5. Vapors Vape devices are also mainly judged for their ability to produce vapors. If you wish to form clouds, look for a vape with better vapor production ability.
  6. Accessibility Some vaping devices are easily accessible which makes them the most desirable ones. Devices like vape pens, pods etc are most accessible. Thus, it is easy to find their parts for replacement when needed. 

Decoding the hidden parts of vaping devices 


Vaping coils are extended with various resistances. Standard vape coils have above 1-ohm resistance. The trending vaping devices have sub-ohm coils. Sub-ohm coils have a resistance of less than 1 ohm. These lower resistance sub-ohm coils have a larger surface area. The large surface area makes contact with more amount of vape juice and thus leads to increased vapor production.

On the other hand, sub-ohmic coils are not always the first choice of vapers as they also produce more heat. This can also cause the vapors to warm up. Rarely, it can even lead to battery damage, burnt e-liquid and other effects.

Batteries –Some vaping devices have an internal battery system while others have external batteries attached. Both such devices have their pros and cons. External batteries allow replacement if needed while internal batteries are less prone to damage than external ones.


Cartomizers are a type of atomizers. Nowadays these are only used with cig-a-likes and not other vaping devices. This atomizer put forward very little airflow. Out of all atomizer styles, these produce the least vapor and flavor.

It’s always advised to best know your device before using it!

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