Vaping – The latest smoking hack

Vaping – The latest smoking hack


Ahh! Did you just save thousands of dollars by switching to Vaping? Vaping is the new-gen alternative to tobacco smoking. It is the inhaling of vapours produced by an electronic device. The vaping devices (e-cigarettes) burn vape liquids (e-liquid) to produce vapours. Vaping has become quite popular in UK for its stunning benefits to the user. Both vaping and smoking deliver you Nicotine but the difference lies in the burning of tobacco that causes the real harm.

E-cigs are different in the way that they offer nicotine in vapour instead of smoke. It doesn’t even burn tobacco or produce carbon monoxide and tar-like in tobacco smoking. Vaping thus eliminates the harmful results of smoking. It works mainly by heating the e-liquid or juice that typically has nicotine, flavourings, propylene glycol and often vegetable glycerin also.  

Vaping devices – 

The vaping devices or e-cigarettes are currently available as –

  1. Mods – these are usually engaged in different shapes and sizes. Also referred to as the largest vaping device. Mods are loved for their long-lasting power. They have a refillable tank, variable power and rechargeable batteries.
  2. Pods – Pods are compact e-cigarettes whose shape is similar to a USB stick. They are rechargeable and have inbuilt space for vape liquid capsules.
  3. Pens – Vape pens are other popular vaping devices resembling pens. It has got rechargeable batteries and replaceable coils for a longer lifeline.
  4. Cigalikes – Cigratte like vaping devices that can be recharged or disposed of after use. 

Choosing the ideal Vaping device for you-

In the UK, vaping devices are available in almost all shapes and sizes. This vast range of options complicates the choice. The first thing to be considered before buying an e-cigarette is to analyze whether you require a rechargeable device or a disposable one. Disposable e-cigarettes can only be used once or twice and have to be discarded after that. It is advised to go with a refillable tank and rechargeable vaping device as it saves on your money and can be used for a longer duration. You would be amazed to know that your vaping device can even last a lifetime. Also, take care of your smoking habits while choosing the right vape device for you. Your choice of the device must be influenced by whether you are a heavy smoker or light smoker. The frequency of your smoking history will also affect the device of your choice. Generally cigalike and vape pens are thought to be ideal for light smokers while mods, pods and Voopoo Argus kit UK  go best with heavy smokers.

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