How to quit smoking? Options for Overcoming Bad Habits!


How to quit smoking? Options for Overcoming Bad Habits!
Smoking is a huge problem in the 21st century.

Almost every adult smoker has thought about how to quit smoking at least once. But due to lack of time, motivation, necessity, many abandoned this venture, or simply forgot. Today, perhaps, everyone knows that this habit has a detrimental effect on human health, in terms of the quality and duration of life.

We will not penetrate deeply into the medical aspect. You probably know that smoking often leads to cancer.

You can conditionally divide smokers into three groups:

  1. A person who smokes episodes and does not have a physiological dependence. He smokes up to half a pack a day. Important!  This person does not have a craving for smoking after meals. But he is already showing the first signs of emotional swings.
  2. A smoker who smokes about 20 cigarettes a day, we will call this stage "an ordinary smoker". For a heavy smoker, it is necessary to smoke a cigarette after waking up, and also treat yourself to a cancer stick after eating. A cough begins to appear in the morning as a way of the body to get rid of carcinogens and tar.
  3. A smoker who smokes more than 40 cigarettes a day is a "heavy smoker". A day without a cigarette is impossibility. Such people are often diagnosed with diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs. There is a rough cough in the morning. 

Electronic cigarettes in the 21st century are no longer those big devices with puffs of steam and the hateful glances of passers-by. Now, these are miniature and compact "flash drives" that mimic the heavy puffs and tastes of analogue cigarettes. At the same time, electronic cigarettes do not contain tar and carcinogenic substances.

How it works?

The principle of operation of Vape Pod UK Systems, among the people of "pods", is quite simple. The device consists of two main parts: a battery and a heating element.

  • The battery is usually the largest part of the "hearth". Its capacity varies in the range of 200-1100 mAh, which is enough for comfortable vaping throughout the day. The battery is charged using the supplied cables, Micro-USB or Type-C format. The supply of current can be done using the "fire" button or by tightening (a sensor is turned on that responds to your tightening).
  • The second component is the cartridge. As a rule, this is a liquid reservoir, in which there is a heating element with cotton that evaporates the liquid poured into it when heated. Due to high temperatures, the liquid is immediately converted into vapor, and does not burn like in a regular cigarette. The cartridges are replaceable and must be replaced every 2-3 weeks.

Many countries fully support the transition from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes, arguing that they cause less harm to the body, and also encourage smokers to quit smoking.

Another plus of Vape Pod UK system for smoking is cheap cost. The monthly costs for smoking analogue cigarettes are about UAH 1,500, and the vaping of POD systems costs, on average, 600 UAH. This is even if you buy a high-quality bottle of Vape Juice UK. The rest of the "smoking" budget is better spent on healthier habits, or to give a gift to a loved one.

If you still decide to try to quit smoking with e-cigarettes, experts advise you to pay attention to Vape Juice UK store. Our consultants will help you choose exactly what is right for you personally, based on your needs and budget.

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