Why have Pods become so Popular?


Why have Pods become so Popular?
Vaping has already come a long way since its inception back in 2003. However, there is only device, vape pod UK that has dominated the market and changed the vaporizer style.

When the first e-cigarettes arrived, the variety of models available in market were quite limited. They used to be small devices, with low power and low levels of taste, steam and throat blow.

As the world progressed, Mods (Box Mods) came into play. These models, in addition to advanced designs, provide great taste with steam and high power. The problem was that they used to be more complex devices and less suitable for newcomers to vaping.

This is why vaping manufacturers planned to design something compact, lightweight but capable of satisfying all type of users.

The evolution of the Pods

In the early Pods, cartridges used to be closed, prefilled, and single-use. The advantage of this type of cartridge is their simplicity and low maintenance, although it limits the choice of Eliquid online uk and nicotine concentrations, as well as demand multiple spare parts for intense vapers.

Open cartridges changed the industry by maintaining the simplicity of the cartridge system while gave users the ability to choose flavours and gradually lower nicotine levels. 

The focus of manufacturers was on getting devices that fit all kinds ofvapers, comfortable and simple devices like a Pod, but with greater autonomy and more power. The first Pods had a range of around 450mAh, and nowa normally they round—or even exceed—twice that battery.

Changes in resistances also arrived. Although rechargeable cartridges were a breakthrough, they continued to generate more costs and debris than just changing the resistors, so the Pods were no longer disposable to be the most similar cartridges to the sub-ohm tanks. Thanks to this, you could use different ranges of resistors depending on the type of steaming you prefer, MTL or DL.

The latest advances that have put them on par with mods have been innovation in chips, in addition to the possibility to find pod mods of a small size that run on external batteries, and with powers that have reached 80W.

Who are pods made for?

Currently there are Pods for any type of user. Possibly it will depend more on the vaping style that you like the most and which model best suits you.

If you are taking your first steps in vaporizing, it is normal that you are looking for something simple, comfortable and economical. At first the normal thing is that you don't want to carry pots of liquid and constantly refill the tank. Thus, a good option would be a vape Pod UK with disposable cartridges (with built-in resistance) and low power, whose battery lasts all day. 

If you're an intermediate vaper and already have some experience, you're sure to look for something with a little more power. Almost every steamer starts with simple mouth-lung vaping devices.

Today there are many Pod-type devices that run on an external battery and are capable of reaching 80W of power. They are kits that, despite their compact size, allow an intense vaping with good steam and flavour, as well as being able to adjust a multitude of features to customize your e-liquid online UK flavour.

In short, whatever your type of vaping you can always find a Pod that suits your style.

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