All about E Liquids

All about E Liquids

Once the e-cigarette is purchased, it is thought that the hardest is over; there is more than the taste of e-liquid to choose, isn't it?But in the end, this task turns out to be more complicated than expected. You realize that there are many new terms to learn and hundreds of flavours to discover. So where to start? Don't panic! Our experts from Geekvape UK have developed a guide specifically for you, to help you choose best Ultimate puff e-liquid.


The e-liquidis composed of three (or sometimes 4) ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), aromas and, if you wish, Nicotine. Each ingredient plays an important role in your vaping experience.

  1. The glycol propylene is an odourless liquid that spread the flavour of e-liquid,it also gives the famous “throathit”that many people appreciate in traditional cigarettes. When its consistency is lower than that of VG, smoking becomes easier. This substance is used in products that are consumed on a daily basis, with the same aim: to give maximum flavour.
  2. Vegetable glycerine is a thick, sweet liquid that produces steam and is also softer to inhale.
  3. The aromas are extremely varied! There are wide ranges of flavours available in market, ranging from bazooka to horny flava. The intensive aroma of Ultimate puff eliquid will make your vape experience much more enjoyable.
  4. The last ingredient is nicotine, the addictive substance found in cigarettes. You can buy nicotine-free e-liquid if you wish, but in general, people who switch from smoking to vape prefer to keep a small dose of nicotine inside, to make the transition easier.


The nicotine content will simply depend on how much tobacco you are used to smoking.

  • Occasional smokers (smoking once or twice a week) should opt for a low nicotine option, such as 3 mg, which is often the last step for people wishing to quit. 
  • For a light smoker, that is, less than ten cigarettes a day, we recommend a dose of 6 mg. This does is always considered low; it is suitable for people who still need a little nicotine in their experience.
  • An ordinary smoker consuming up to one pack per day should opt for an e-liquid with a nicotine content of 12 mg, which is an ideal starting point, as this will allow him to easily switch to e-cigarettes without compromising his habits.
  • Finally, for a heavy smoker (more than one pack per day), one should opt for the maximum dose of 18 mg or even 24 mg. This is for people with a serious habit who need a high dose of nicotine to feel satisfied. 


Choosing an aroma e-liquid it comes down to a personal preference, because there are hundreds of flavours to choose from.

Initially, vapers start with a tobacco or menthol-based e-liquids if they are smokers, allowing them to have a more familiar taste and feel.

Once you have found your favourites, you will be able to buy larger vials from Geek Vape UK containing 0 mg of nicotine that can be mixed with a booster.  


The PG serves to carry the taste and the VG is what produces the steam cloud. So, your choice will come down to two things: the experience you want and the electric cigarette you use. If you're looking for a sensation comparable to that of a cigarette with a stronger throat hit,with an intense flavour and less steam, you should opt for a 50/50 mix. The type of e-cigarette that is best is a standard kit from Geek Vape UK with a resistance of 1 ohm or more. 

If you like an intense cloud of steam and you wouldn't mind a stronger taste; you'll have to increase the VG level. You have to choose something like 70VG/30PG or go as far as 100% VG. Because the VG is thicker and therefore harder to evaporate, it will require a more powerful electronic cigarette.  

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