A Brief Overview About Different Types Of Vape Kit In The UK

A Brief Overview About Different Types Of Vape Kit In The UK

Are you new to vaping and can’t decide which vaping device or kit to start with or you are looking for a better performing vaping kit setup in the UK at reasonable price?

Don’t worry, get in touch with UK Vapor Waves to get everything you need to start your vaping journey or enhance your overall vaping experience in the UK. Whether you are looking for Pods, Pen or box vape kit in Nottinghamshire and London, UK Vapor Waves has got you covered.

Pod Vape Kit

Pod vape kit in London and Nottinghamshire is ideal for beginners as they are small, easy to use and refillable. You don’t need much experience or knowledge as most of these vape kits available at UK Vapor Waves are inhale activated.

It is important to understand that each pod available at this online store contains a maximum capacity of 2ml. In addition to this, they mimic the experience of smoking a cigarette.

Pen Style Vape Kit

They are setups that are fully packaged at UK Vapor Waves at an affordable price without including the e-liquids. You don’t need to buy additional batteries or tanks to use this type of vape kit. You just need to plug this device in the USB charger, which is also included in the package and start your vaping experience with your favorite eliquid.

Box vape kit

It is ideal for more advanced vapers and they are usually powered by either 18650 or 20700 batteries. Also, some box vape kit in the UK have an integrated battery to enhance the overall usage of the vape kit. As compared to pen or pod style vape kit, this type of vape kit offers better battery life and higher power. It is recommended to charge the batteries of these vape kit externally to enhance their functional life.



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