Buy Vape Kits In Your Budget Online

Buy Vape Kits In Your Budget Online

These budget-friendly disposable vape kits are pre-filled with nicotine salt e-liquid nicotine strengths, depending on the model.

 Because of the large capacity 500mAh battery, these are excellent for keeping as a backup or for usage while touring or in other circumstances where you would not want to be bothered with the hassle of transporting e-liquid bottles & coils.

With a smaller & slimmer design, the Geekbar UK is even more transportable than before


Watermelon Ice is the most popular Geek Bar flavor, and it's a delightful frozen watermelon flavor that's perfect for summer. It is closely followed by Blueberry Bitter Raspberry, a rich yet acidic blend of fruit flavors that is a close second.

Geek Bars are accessible in two nicotine salt concentrations: 20mg and 10mg. Nic salts are more pleasant to the throat than ordinary nicotine, and they are also more swiftly absorbed into the body.

Disposable vaporizers

To be clear, all disposable vaporizers, including Geek Bars, are constructed from the same materials as a conventional, refillable e-cigarette, but they do not contain nicotine.

 Led by an internal battery, the e-liquid is held in a tank, which also contains a coil that warms up to produce vapor. These sellers always work with the most respectable and trustworthy manufacturers and they only purchase from suppliers that are authorized to do business in the United States.

All of the products they sell are fully compatible with EU TPD and UK TRPR regulations.

Next-generation device

Several years of development have resulted in the Ivg Eliquid being labeled a "next-generation device"! It's quick, disposable, convenient, pocket-sized, pleasurable, and exceedingly simple to use; what more could you ask for?

Each bar comes with pre with 2ml of best quality e-liquid that is packed with that incredible great taste, as well as the 500 MAH battery for keeping you active all day.

Effective vaping experience

They designed the gadget with public needs in mind, utilizing food-grade materials and cotton for the wick, which they combined with the TPD-compliant, emissions-tested premium e-liquid to create a safe and effective vaping experience.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the IVG Bar, they are pleased to introduce the IVG Bar Plus +, a cutting-edge disposable vape gadget that provides 800 puffs while preserving optimum flavor and satisfaction.

They are well-known UK producer that offers a diverse selection of flavors, including

·         Candies

·         Soda

·         Fruity

·         Menthol

·         And dessert blends, among others


Different sizes available

Shortfills with a capacity of around 10ml nicotine shot, as well as nicotine salts with a dosage of 20mg, are available in sizes ranging from 10ml to 50ml and in nicotine levels ranging from 0mg to 18mg.

The 50/50 & salts ranges have a 50 percent VG ratio, making them suitable for starter kits & pod devices, whereas the remainder of the IVG line has a 70 percent VG ratio, making them suitable for sub-ohm vaping.

Geek Bar vape is meant for current smokers who want to quit smoking and use electronic cigarettes. They are intended to be less complicated to operate and more user-friendly for beginners than traditional refillable vapes.

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