5 Vape Pods From UWELL That You Must Try In 2022

5 Vape Pods From UWELL That You Must Try In 2022

In the vape market, you will find vape devices from different brands. Out of these vape brands, UWELL has made a good reputation very quickly. Their vape devices are very attractive-looking. At that same time, these vape devices are very easy to use.

As a result, this vape brand has gained a positive reputation in the market very quickly. This company sells many vape pods and kits. Let’s check out a few vape pods and kits from UWELL and see the main reason behind their popularity.

1.      POPREEL N1

It is a very compact vape pod that you can carry everywhere very easily. Unique patterns on this vape pod give the best grip without any fingerprint. It weighs only 27 grams and is made for long endurance. On this vape pod, you will find a 520mAh battery that is more than enough for daily use. The magnetic cartridge system on this vape pod prevents e-liquid leakage. This variant of vape pod is now available at the Vape Juice UK online store.

2.      AEGLOS

This beautiful vape pod comes in 5 different colors to match your style preference. PCTG and aluminum-alloy body make this vape pod durable for everyday use. This lightweight vape pod weighs only 80 grams and can hold 3.5ml e-liquid. The self-cleaning technology prevents e-liquid leakage on this vape pod. It is also suitable for both DTL and MTL usage. The replaceable coil on this vape pod lets you use it for the long term.

3.      TRIPOD

You would like this vape pod if you like sleek things in life. Along with a sleek look, this vape pod comes with three pod cartridges. As a result, you can enjoy three different flavors from this vape pod. All these cartridges have a 2ml capacity and they are refillable. The fast c-port on this vape pod allows 1.5A charging. This vape pod comes with a beautiful charging case.

4.      Amulet

It is the first wearable vape pod. For this reason, you can easily take this vape pod on a flight without raising any suspension. You would be surprised to know that many vape lovers wear this on flight and use it when they go to the lavatory. This vape pod has 2ml e-liquid capacity and a 370mAh battery that lets you use it for a day without any problem.


It is a fashionable yet very compact vape pod design. Currently, the Caliburn Koko Prime vape pod is famous for its functional and durable build quality. On this vape pod, you get 2 airflow settings. As a result, you can control your vape experience. The 2ml top fill system makes it functional without any complicated settings. You can also replace its 0.8Ω Coil and use this vape pod for a long time.

In the vape world, UWELL is a reputed brand. Apart from above mentioned these 5 vape pods; they also have many more vape pods. You can pick any of these vape pods according to your preference. All these vape pods are available now at a discounted price online.

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