VU9 10ml Nic Salt 10mg 20mg

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(This e-liquid will work inside any e-cigarette device)

Apple Berries

VU9 SALT Apple Berry nic salts serves up a sweet flavour of Gala apples followed by juicy notes from a variety of mixed berries. Mixed to a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, VU9 SALT is supplied in a 10ml bottle, filled with a nicotine salt that will provide you with a smooth and satisfying vape.

Black Jack

Another sweet shop favourite, this Black Jack E-Liquid is sweet, smooth and full of flavour reminiscent of those past times trading sweets behind the corner shop. It shares the perfect resemblance to the classic chew sweet so many grew up to love and adore.

Nicotine salts (Nic Salts) are a naturally occurring blend, extracted directly from the tobacco leaf. Nic salt based e-liquids are absorbed into your system faster than standard freebase nicotine e-juice, giving you a much quicker kick and helping to stave off your nicotine cravings. They also provide a smoother overall vape, without the harshness associated with traditional high nicotine strength e-liquids. A great alternative for smokers making the switch to vaping.

Blackcurrant Chill

A sweet fruity mix of blackcurrants with a cooling aftertaste.

Blue Razz

Blue Razz nic salt e-liquid by Vu9 Salts is a balanced fruit blend. The sweet notes of forest blueberry are countered by the sharper raspberry, both have a juicy taste that is present throughout.

Blue Razz salt nicotine e-liquid is available in either a 10mg or 20mg strength. The salt nic used in this e-liquid means it creates a smoother throat hit. This type of nicotine is also absorbed faster to satisfy cravings quickly.

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb nicotine salt e-liquid by Vu9 salt is a simple fruit flavour that balances sweet and tart notes. The juicy-tasting cherry flavour is present on inhale and exhale, creating a light taste for an all-day vape.

Cherry Chill

Cherry Chill is a delicious vape liquid that captures sweet yet sour notes of cherries fused with an ice menthol to create a cooling exhale that satisfies your taste buds, a fantastic all day vape experience.

Fruit Pastilles

Fruit Pastels is a sweet blend that captures juicy bursts of mixed fruit gummy pastilles paired with a sugar coating creating a moreish all day vape experience and a delicious sugary aftertaste.


Hisenberry E liquid by Vu9 captures winter berries that deliver sweet notes, which are countered by punchy aniseed and cool menthol.


Our menthol flavour is perfect for those times when you want to kick back and chill with a cool refreshing vape. Forget messing about with a hint of cool; this has a kick that'll tickle your tastebuds and wake your palate right up. Just don't vape this if you're planning on drinking a glass of orange juice in the next ten minutes!

Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries nicotine salt e-liquid by Vu9 Salt is a combination of rich, fruity flavours. The blend of mixed berries delivers a sweet and juicy flavour to create a layered yet simple vape.

Pinker Man

Pinkman e-liquid by Vu9 is a sweet and juicy blend. The ever-present taste of mixed fruits with hints of citrus and tropical fruits feature throughout; complemented by Pinkman's famous secret ingredient for a truly unique vape.

Sweet Strawberry

Sweet Strawberry by Vu9 Salts is classic strawberry flavour realised to perfection. Sweet, tangy, rich and fruity, this e-liquid is a refreshing taste of summer, no matter the time of year.

Strawberry Bubblegum

Strawberry Bubblegum E-Liquid by Vu9 Nic Salt is a fresh Strawberry flavour on the inhale, complemented by a sweet, candy Bubblegum flavour on the exhale.

Rainbow Blaze

Rainbow Blaze nicotine salt e-liquid by Vu9 is a candy blend featuring a combination of contrasting flavours, perfect for vapers who prefer sweet yet cool tastes. A mixture of rainbow candy, containing hints of juicy mixed berries, is complemented by a menthol kick to finish for a distinct eliquid.

10ml Bottles
20mg and 10mg Nicotine Strength
Salt Nicotine Blends
50% VG / 50% PG
Designed for Starter Kits and Pod Devices
TPD Compliant
Made in the UK
Childproof Cap
Tamper Evident Seal