Ultimate Puff Eliquid Old Pirate 100ml Vaping Juice All Flavours 0mg 70/30 VG

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For all you swashbucklin’ sea lovers out there, here be the e-liquid for you. Old Pirate E Juice UK has come onto ye shores and is ready for all those daring enough to try its full-bodied taste.

This original series of flavours were created by Ultimate Juice, and, as an in-house flavour, are made with all the care that vaping enthusiasts have to offer. Enjoy our Old Pirate Original series for some epic high-seas adventures, or opt for the more tropical range for when your days on pillaging are over.

Choosing the Right Flavour for You

Old Pirate is the perfect vaping series to turn to when your wish is to transport your senses across the channel and escape to the warm breeze of the Caribbean. From Fool’s Gold pineapple, to Old Pirate Original Polly’s Plunder for some great orange and passion fruit sensations, Old Pirate has it all.

There are four main flavour series to choose from, each one with its own unique taste and experience to keep even the most experienced vape enthusiast on their toes. Enjoy a crisp lemonade with the Old Pirate Lemonade 60ml , or enjoy any of the 8 original Old Pirate Original 60ml options. Each series has its own set of incredible flavours to choose from, so if you want something familiar or something new, there is bound to be the perfect Old Pirate vape for you.

Want something sweeter? Old Pirate Sherbet series is right up your alley, or perhaps you want something with more zing? In which case the Old Pirate Slushy series is perfect for you.

From blueberries and lemons to blackcurrant lemonade and lemon and lime fizz, there are scrumptious flavours left, right, and centre. Enjoy any of our Old Pirate flavours and you can enjoy sipping on a tropical getaway right from the comfort of home, or perhaps you can enjoy a high stakes adventure on your way to work with the Old Pirate Lemon & Lime slushy flavour.

All you need to do is stock up and refill your vape for a new adventure every day. Enjoy something fun, something fruity, and something that will help you enjoy your vape to new heights every single day.

Old Pirate Candy 100ml Bubble Mint

Love bubblegum? Try out our bubble-mint candy the mouth watering fusion that all the pirates are fighter over!

Old Pirate Candy 100ml Candy Cane

Pirates love our classic candy cane! Truly a flavour that never looses its edge, strawberry with hints of mint.

Old Pirate Candy 100ml Grape & Cherry

The super refreshing taste of our grape & cherry candy will make you feel as fearsome as a pirate! Arghhhh!

Old Pirate Candy 100ml Strawberry Pineapple

Ahoy matey! Taste the perfect combo of sweet strawberry & pineapple. A favourite flavour of the seven seas!

Old Pirate Candy 100ml Sour Fruits

Tantalisingly tangy! This candy is one all the pirates are talking about with it’s superb blend of fruity flavours!

Old Pirate Candy 100ml Rainbow Rock

Taste the rainbow with our delicious rainbow rock candy, it’s super sweet so you’ll never get it out of a pirates hands!

Old Pirate Frosty 100ml Apple & Blackcurrant

A classic combo of apple & blackcurrant will never let you down! An easy all day vape for Pirates on the seven seas!

Old Pirate Frosty 100ml Arctic Blush-Berry

Loved by all Pirates! Frozen raspberries & blueberries blended to create a super refreshing slush-like flavour.

Old Pirate Frosty 100ml Cherry Grape

Ahoy me hearties! This strong taste of cherry & grape is delicious enough but when chilled will truly blow you away!

Old Pirate Frosty 100ml Watermelon Lime

Sweet watermelon with a zing of lime! Ice cold and extremely delicious, Pirates are always fighting over this one!

Old Pirate Frosty 100ml Rainbow Chill

A huge range of fruity flavours all chilled to perfection & blended into one superb taste. Every pirates desire!

Old Pirate Frosty 100ml Mango Colada

Pina-colada blended with juicy mangoes creates sweet tropical goodness! Perfect for a Pirate of the Caribbean!

Old Pirate Lemonade 100ml Blueberry Blast

The juiciest blueberries and lemons come aboard for a refreshing blueberry lemonade that’ll blow ye’ down!

Old Pirate Lemonade 100ml Bursting Blackcurrant

A powerful blackcurrant brew with a cool, crisp finish, our blackcurrant lemonade is the envy of the seven seas!

Old Pirate Lemonade 100ml Colossal Cherry

Discover our intense cherry lemonade with a lemon & lime fizz for a treasure ye won’t want to miss!

Old Pirate Lemonade 100ml Tropical Taste

Live the life of a cast away with our tangy pineapple & grapefruit lemonade for the perfect tropical treat!

Old Pirate Lemonade 100ml Succulent Strawberry

This superb sweet strawberry lemonade is so delicious even a pirate would consider it as treasure!

Old Pirate Lemonade 100ml Legendary Lemon & Lime

You’ll be tellin’ tales of our zingy lemon & lime lemonade an all day refreshment for a voyage on the open seas.

Old Pirate Original 100ml Black Beard

Join the legendary scourge of the seven seas! Blackbeard’s wicked blackcurrant, blueberry & anise brew will give you all the energy you need for your next voyage!

Old Pirate Original 100ml Buried Treasure

Yo ho, yo ho a vaper’s life for me! This juicy and fresh apple and mango lemonade will leave you feeling like you’ve struck gold!

Old Pirate Original 100ml Cabin Fever

Emptied that bottle of rum? Need a cure for your cabin fever? Clear your head for your next adventure with this icy pick-me-up cherry flavour!

Old Pirate Original 100ml Shiver Me Timbers

Like sailing through the icy Arctic seas, this irresistibly cool mix of sweet blue raspberries and tangy pink raspberries will leave you refreshed all day long. Just watch out for that iceberg!

Old Pirate Original 100ml Polly’s Plunder

Share the booty and plunder this orange and passion-fruit sensation, taken from the good ship Polly as it made its way across the sea from the Americas!

Old Pirate Original 100ml Fools Gold

Not real gold but you won’t be disappointed – this tantalisingly tropical pineapple flavour will transport you to your own desert island!

Old Pirate Sherbet 100ml Crazy Cherry

Our cursed cherry sherbet is the perfect companion for a sea scoundrel marooned on a desert island – full of flavour and an all day refreshment!

Old Pirate Sherbet 100ml Lemon & Pineapple

This fresh new flavour of tangy lemon and sweet pineapple is more than worthy of calling treasure!

Old Pirate Sherbet 100ml Mad Mango

Avast ye scallywags! Our stunning mango sherbet is a tantalisingly tangy tropical sensation you won’t want to miss!

Old Pirate Sherbet 100ml Sweet Strawberry

This swashbucklin’ strawberry sherbet is a scrumptious mix of sweet and sour for a classic flavour you’re sure to love!

Old Pirate Sherbet 100ml Ripe Raspberry

Our raspberry sherbet marks the spot! Made with the freshest sweet and tangy raspberries, this flavour is a real pirate’s treasure… Make sure ye get yer share!

Old Pirate Sherbet 100ml Rainbow Rush

Ahoy shipmates! Come ashore and share the best rainbow sherbet on the seven seas! Enjoy the whole spectrum of flavours with a refreshing tangy bite!

Old Pirate Slushys 100ml Apple & Mango

We’ve made you a juice you’ll go overboard for! This fantastically frosty medley of mango and apple will have you brawling with your shipmates!

Old Pirate Slushys 100ml Blue Raspberry

Fresh from the Arctic comes this blue raspberry booty – it’s so good you won’t want to share the spoils!

Old Pirate Slushys 100ml Juicy Cherry

Set a course for cooler climes and capture this sharp & sweet cherry slushy with a dash of ice.

Old Pirate Slushys 100ml Sweet Pineapple

Soak up the sun with the old seadogs and devour this deliciously exotic pineapple slushy with a frosty finish.

Old Pirate Slushys 100ml Luscious Grape

Savour this swashbuckling slush made with the juiciest grapes for a deep flavour and finished with an icy blast!

Old Pirate Slushys 100ml Lemon & Lime

Join the motley crew and plunder our notorious frozen lemon and lime slushy – with this all-day refreshment you’ll be a legend of the high seas!