The Milkman Classics E Liquid

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The Milkman eLiquid is a premium US brand of dessert, milky and creamy based e-Juices. Established in 2015, The Milkman quickly grew a large following from vapers all around the globe for their smooth, creamy and sweet mixes of Milk, Cream, Bakery and Berry blends.


50ml Bottles (Includes 10ml 18mg Nic Shot)

0mg (3mg with added Nic Shot)

Apple Pie - Apple Pie E-Juice by The Milkman is one of the tastiest and most authentic depictions of the traditional dessert you will ever find in an e-liquid format. Warm and flaky pie crust is loaded with cinnamon-infused apples and just the right amount of sweetness. Hot out of the oven, every hit of this mouthwatering concoction feels as though you are experiencing a freshly-baked homemade apple pie.

Mango Creamsicle - Mango Creamsicle E-Juice by The Milkman is an incredibly accurate and authentic representation of the classic dessert we all love. The essence of juicy tropical mangoes is carefully infused with rich sweet cream, then blended to a smooth and silky consistency. The result is a truly delectable flavor that rolls off the tongue and leaves you eager for more.

Strawberry Churrios - Strawberry Churrios E-Juice by The Milkman begins with a warm and fluffy churro that is so accurate in profile that you feel as though you are vaping the real thing. This mouthwatering delight is then sprinkled with a generous portion of sugar and cinnamon before being topped with the perfect amount of mountain-fresh strawberries. If that sounds appetizing to you, it is!

Strudelhaus - What truly sets The Milkman apart from other e-liquid companies is their dedication to a genuine vaping experience. To kick off the journey, you will first appreciate the look of their brilliant packaging. Open it up, unscrew the cap, and take in the enchanting aroma of the delectable e-juice resting within the bottle. Pour the liquid into your tank, take your first it, and notice the smile that begins to emerge on your face. At that moment, you will realize what a special company The Milkman really is.

Churrios - Churrios E-Juice by Milkman is a remarkably accurate representation of warm, fresh churros, sprinkled with just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon. Wash this mouthwatering flavor down with ice-cold milk for a flawless finish, and you have just experienced Churrios E-Juice.

Vanilla Custard - Vanilla Custard E-Juice by The Milkman is one of the company’s most flavorful offerings to date. Each hit of this masterpiece delivers the mouthwatering taste of rich, creamy, and decadent vanilla custard. Remarkably well-balanced, this gem offers just the right amount of sweetness without overpowering the palate. As a result, you can enjoy Vanilla Custard for weeks on end without tiring the tongue.

Pudding - Pudding by The Milkman is an e-liquid that features prominent flavours of vanilla pudding and sweet lemon.

The Milkman - The Milkman has arrived, and he’s more popular than ever! This signature e-liquid blend takes a warm, toasted fruit pastry and blends it with rich vanilla bean ice cream and fresh, whole milk to create a tantalizing complex, delicious all-day-vape. It’s the perfect balance between breakfast and dessert.

Hazel - Hazel E-Juice by Milkman begins with warm roasted hazelnuts, providing for the perfect base. The master mixologists at Milkman then add the perfect amount of sweet natural vanilla cream, thereby flawlessly balancing the butteriness of the hazelnuts. Hazel E-Juice is then finished with a delicate touch of gooey caramel, immaculately rounding off the multi-layered flavor.

Lemon Pound Cake - Lemon Pound Cake by The Milkman E-Liquid combines a buttery slice of tradition pound cake and adds an inviting drizzle of tangy sweet lemon drizzle for a sweet but zesty fruity bakery vape that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Crumbleberry - Crumbleberry shortfill e-liquid by The Milkman is a layered dessert blend with a fruity twist. A pastry flavour comes through on inhale with rich and buttery notes, paired with a heavy cream that creates a smooth taste. The raspberry on exhale is sweet with a punchy exhale that cuts through the dessert layers for a juicy finish.

Milky O's - Milky O's shortfill e-liquid by The Milkman is an authentic combination of sweet and biscuit notes. A pronounced cookie flavour makes up the base of this blend, with buttery notes and a hint of chocolate. On exhale, a smooth milk flavour cuts through the biscuit taste to create a smooth finish to this mix.