The King Of Vapes E Liquid Dessert Vape E Juice Premium 50ml 0mg Eliquid Shisha

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  • 5 x 10ml (50) One Big Bottle
  • 0mg Nicotine
  • 70VG 30PG
  • Made in UK
  • Genuine E-Liquid

Banoffee Pie

This classic English dish has been updated, and now comes in a E-cigarette-sized package with full-size flavour. Intensely sweet caramel and ripe banana flavours come together in this seriously indulgent E-Liquid that’s perfect for dessert, or as a sweet treat.

Blueberry Muffin

A fixture of coffee shops and cafes around the world, we brought this classic baked treat to our shop as well. Juicy blueberries and sweet cake flavours come together like never before in this tasty E-Liquid that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

Cookies & Cream

Sweet, creamy and chocolaty, this classic flavour has now come toKing Of Vapes E-Liquids! We couldn’t have a range of dessert-inspired E-Liquids without cookies & cream, so we made our own. Chock full of indulgent cream, and rich chocolate, try this flavour in an entirely new way.

Cornflake tart

Feed your inner kid with this British treat commonly found on school menus, if you were lucky. With sweet syrup and hints of jam, as well as the essential corn flavours, this E-Liquid may just take your taste-buds back in time to simpler days.

Creamy Dreamy – Blueberry, Strawberry & Vanilla

A bit like Eton Mess, but with a bit less meringue and elitism. Sweet strawberry and blueberry meld together with vanilla to make this treat feel like (a good) British summertime on your tongue, whatever the weather.

Vanilla Custard

Who says you need to have cake with your custard? Enjoy the indulgent taste of sweet, creamy vanilla custard anywhere you can carry your E-Cig With Vanilla Custard E-Liquid. No more funny looks when you sip from a carton of custard!

Doughnut Clouds

Sink your teeth into the soft batter of a glazed doughnut with Doughnut Clouds flavoured E-Liquid. With creamy batter and sugary glaze flavours, vaping is almost as good as eating the real deal, and you won’t have to worry about the calories!

Jam Doughnut Clouds

Just like our regular doughnut flavour, but this one has a real heart of gold I mean jam. Swapping a sugary glaze for luscious raspberry jam, we’ve made a juicy twist on the classic glazed doughnut recipe. The batter is sweet and creamy, with a hint of vanilla, and the jam is intensely sweet and fruity with a tiny bit of tartness to balance it all out.

Jam on Toast

Sometimes you just want to keep your desserts simple. Our juicy raspberry jam is blended with subtle hints of smoky flavourings, and the result tastes just like toast with a healthy amount of jam on top. Enjoy this treat at any time of day, just don’t have it instead of breakfast.

Jam Roly Poly

Another British classic brought to your E-cig. This blend of sweet raspberry jam, cake flavourings, and a hint of vanilla will be enough to bring a nostalgic sense of bliss to most vapers. If you don’t get nostalgic about this, you either had a bad childhood, or you’re deeply cynical.

Key Lime Sublime

Straight from America to your E-Cigarette! This mix of zesty lime and sweet meringue floats on the tongue, without being too sickly or sour. On the inhale, you get sharp citrus from the Key Lime, then Sublime meringue on the exhale. A lovely mix of sweet and sour.

Grandma’s Lemon Cake

Sweet sugar and tart lemon blend together in this lovely flavour that’s more delightful than a visit to your granny’s house, and easier on the waist, too. This one was inspired by our own grandma’s secret family recipe for lemon cake, so this E-Liquid is coming from our family to yours.

New York Cheesecake – Vanilla, Citrus & Cream

We spent a few late nights trying to recreate this treat from the city that never sleeps, so we hope you enjoy it! Delicate vanilla, rich cream, and a hint of zesty lemon are blended together in this homage to New York’s iconic baked cheesecake.

Plain Cake Man – Strawberries, Cream and Maple Syrup

It may sound plain, but don’t be deceived! We’ve mixed strawberries and cream – a timeless British classic – and added maple syrup to change it up a little. The end result is a little more Americana than Wimbledon, and we think you’ll love it.

Strawberry and Rhubarb Custard

You’ve had rhubarb and custard, but not like this. The added strawberry gives an extra nuance to this classic flavour, so it hits all the right notes – sweet strawberry, tart rhubarb and creamy custard – for a taste medley as classic as the dessert this E-Liquid is inspired by.

Strawberry and Custard

We wanted to improve upon the Wimbledon classic; strawberries and cream. And so, Strawberry and Custard was born! Sweet, juicy strawberries with creamy vanilla custard make for a tasty treat that’s game, set and match on your tongue!

Vanilla Clouds

Light vanilla flavour that’ll take you to cloud nine. For this light and simple flavour, we used vanilla, whole vanilla, and nothing but vanilla to keep the flavour pure, simple, and simply delicious. We recommend this as a light finish to an excellent meal, or an all-day-vape.