Strawberry Raspberry Ice Hayati Pro Mini 600 Disposable Vape Box of 10 - £33.99

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Experience the delightful taste of Strawberry Raspberry Ice in a hassle-free, disposable design! Treat yourself to the sweetness of summer with this user-friendly vape option!

The HAYATI Pro Mini series offers you the best vaping experience possible. It gives you a steady amount of power every time you use it, and the flavors are really amazing. You can pick from a variety of bright and bold flavors, and you'll get up to 600 puffs from each one, ensuring you're completely satisfied.

Cutting-edge technology.

Hayati® Pro Minis use sophisticated technology to make sure your vaping experience is always reliable. When you use these devices, you'll get a steady and enjoyable vaping experience every time.

Exceptional quality

Hayati® disposables are crafted using high-quality materials that not only help protect the environment but also enhance their appearance and make them strong and long-lasting.

Secure and trustworthy.

Hayati® disposable devices create less smell and smoke compared to regular tobacco products. This helps reduce the amount of secondhand smoke and odor in the air.