Space Jam 50ml American Premium Vape E Liquid Juice 0mg-3mg

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Space Jam American Premium Short Fill 50ml Vape E Liquid Juice All New Flavors

Space Jam arrived on the planet Earth in 2012, their continuing mission: to evolve the earths eliquid technology to galactic standards so the fleshy human beings could take their vaping abilities to the next level and release their true potential. At the time, the vaping industry on Earth was in its fledgling stages, and unprepared for Space Jam with their evolved philosophy and advanced ejuice technology, they were able to infiltrate the industry with ease and began to effectively change vaping on the planet Earth forever.

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Andromeda was the original flavour in the Space Jam range, and has consistently proved itself to be one of the most popular flavours. The incredible combination of sweet, tart pomegranate and subtle blueberries are brought together in this smooth, creamy blend that will leave your mouth watering.


Astro is characterised by ripe Strawberries, tangy Granny Smith apples, and a soft and subtle Peach note to finish.

Meteor Milk:

Meteor Milk is the latest flavour from the venerable Space Jam, having taken a classic flavour profile and rocketed it to outer space and back.This is a magnificent blend of all things related to the Berry of the Straw, featuring Fresh Strawberries, along with Strawberry Syrup; all drizzled over a delicious bowl of Strawberry Ice Cream.


Pluto from Space Jam is a somewhat complex, yet very delectable blend of all things Melon. Featuring Honeydew, Cantaloupe, and Watermelon, then melded with a sweet bubble gum, and a subtle hint of mint to finish.