Smoothie Man 100ML Short Fill Vape E Liquid 70/30 VG/PG £8.98

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Smoothie Man - (10 x 10ML- ONE BIG BOTTLE)
70/30 VG PG 0mg
Blueberry Blend
This Blueberry smoothie is fresh and juicy.
Cherry Berry Ice
Cherries and Berries are blended with an icy blast.
Harvest Berry & Apple
Plump fresh forest fruits and crisp apples make this delicious smoothie flavour .
Strawberry & Watermelon
The sweetness of fresh strawberries and the cool juiciness of watermelon blended into a smoothie flavour.
Tangerine & Pear
The mellow flavours of juicy pears and sweet tangerines is the perfect blend of fruits for this smoothie.