PSYCHO BUNNY 50ml Premium E Liquid Juice

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Serial - . A sweet and citrus cereal base is accentuated by a smooth milk and finished off by a combination of juicy mixed fruits

Blue retro - delicious bubblegum sweet from the 80's pick'n'mix favorite

Well Baked - delicious addictive combination of cherries, almonds and cake to make the perfect cherry bakewell flavour

Cappucino - dark blend reminiscent of the classic Italian coffee. A robust coffee, featuring nutty notes, is complemented by a smooth milk and sweet sugar

Grapegasm - A distinct blue raspberry greets you on inhale, followed by sugary bubblegum and bittersweet grape, before being finished off by a cooling eucalyptus

Candy cane - Famous candy flavoured e liquid

Custard apeel - A full flavoured orange mixed with a sweet vanilla custard vape

Mocha latte - coffee blend with hints of cocoa. A smooth coffee flavour is combined with a rich cream for a latte effect, complemented by sweet chocolate

OJ - sweet and tangy blend, featuring a blood orange flavour that has a ripe aftertaste to it, with a pronounced citrus twang

Kush cake - The planets' best baked cake infused with OG Kush terpenes so sensational it will make other patisseries jealous. No high, no chill, just flavour. Multi award-winning flavoured zero nicotine e-liquid

Yellow mirage - A creamy vape of sweet and tart lemon meringue flavour.

Melonade - sweet mouth watering melon with a splash of lemonade to tickle the taste buds.

Twistr - fruit medley featuring a citrus twist.

Thorn - berry fruit blend with a cool kick.

Christmas cookie

Prism - sharp and sweet blend with a varied taste. The mixed fruit flavours have a ripe and sugary note to them, with notes of apple, lemon, blackcurrant and strawberry creating a medley of taste