New Nano Stix Pre-Filled Pods

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Please note: Pods are 2 ml capacity, as per TPD regulations.

These genuine Nanostix Neo V2 e-liquid pod cartridges are now 33% larger, offering approximately 4000 puffs. These vape pods are sold in packs of 4 and are available in a variety of flavours.

Filled with 2 ml of 1.7% nicotine salt (17 mg)
33% larger capacity than the previous version
Compact design
Wide range of flavours
4000 puffs
Despite their small size, each pod contains the equivalent of 45 cigarettes' worth of nicotine, with a much smoother delivery, thanks to the nicotine salt NanoNIC technology.

Fantasi Range
Fantasi Apple Ice
Fantasi Lemonade Ice
Fantasi Orange Ice
Fantasi Mango Ice
Freeze Range
Freeze Guava
Freeze Lychee
Superb Range
Superb Bubblegum
Superb Honeydew
Tabac Range
Tabac Classic
Tabac Menthol
Utopia Range
Utopia Coffee
Utopia Coffee Hazelnut
Velvet Range
Velvet Banana Vanilla
Velvet Strawberry Vanilla
Mix Range
Fantasi & Freeze
(Fantasi Grape Ice, Fantasi Mango Ice, Freeze Guava, Freeze Lychee)
Velvet, Utopia & Tabac
(Velvet Banana Vanilla, Velvet Strawberry Vanilla, Utopia Coffee, Tabac Classic)