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JNR Alien 10000 Puffs Disposable Pod Vape Device- Cheapest!

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JNR Alien 10000 Puffs Disposable-Next Day Delivery

The JNR ALIEN Disposable Vape Pen's unique features go beyond simple operation; the addition of LED RGB lights not only gives the device a fashionable look but also improves the vaping experience overall by offering visual feedback. Users can also take pleasure in long-lasting puffs that provide satisfaction with each inhalation, along with smooth and steady performance.

Because of its perfect portability, which allows it to fit easily in your pocket or purse, the JNR ALIEN Disposable Vape Pen is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy vaping on the move. Thanks to its large e-liquid reservoir and powerful 850mAh battery, this vape pen offers a smooth and durable vaping experience that will definitely be appreciated by users.

Furthermore, this device's Type-C rechargeable function makes it even more user-friendly by enabling rapid and effective charging whenever needed. This vape pen is made even more remarkable by the wide variety of options it provides users with—over 40 mouthwatering flavours to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences—so that everyone may discover their ideal match.

Product Specifications:

Battery capacity is 850mAh

1000 Puffs

It's Rechargeable. 

Coil Type: Mesh coil with 1.2 resistance.

CE, ROHS, and FCC certifications. 


MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

Variety of Flavours:

- Peach Mango Pineapple: Sweet tropical blend, slightly tangy.
- Strawberry Pomegranate: Fresh berry burst, mildly tart.
- Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava: Exotic mix, refreshing and sweet.
- Meta Moon: Unique, fruity, slightly mysterious.
- Blue Sour Raspberry: Tangy blue raspberry, very sour.
- Black Ice: Dark, intense, icy freshness.
- Gummy Bear: Sweet, chewy, nostalgic candy flavor.
- Blueberry Bubblegum: Sweet blueberry, bubblegum twist.
- Strawberry Candy Ice: Sweet strawberry, cool icy touch.
- Grape Ice: Icy grape, crisp and refreshing.
- Black Dragon Ice: Bold, icy, mysterious flavor combination.
- Ice Pop: Cold, fruity, reminiscent of popsicles.
- Watermelon Ice: Juicy watermelon, refreshing icy chill.
- Blueberry Kiwi: Sweet blueberry, tangy kiwi blend.
- Sour Apple: Tart green apple, very sour.
- Blueberry Raspberry: Mixed berries, slightly tart.
- Watermelon Lychee: Sweet watermelon, exotic lychee.
- Double Apple: Sweet and tart, two apples.
- Lush Ice: Rich, fruity, and cool.
- Triple Mango: Intense, sweet, pure mango.
- Strawberry Banana: Smooth, sweet, balanced mix.
- Kiwi Strawberry: Tangy kiwi, sweet strawberry combination.
- Raspberry Watermelon: Sweet raspberry, juicy watermelon fusion.
- Blueberry Cherry Cranberry: Mixed berries, tart and sweet.
- Mixed Berries: Assorted berries, sweet and tangy.
- Guava Ice: Sweet guava, cool icy touch.
- Strawberry Mojito: Sweet strawberry, minty mojito twist.
- Peach Mango Orange: Sweet peach, citrusy mango, orange.
- Fizzy Cranberry: Bubbly, tart, cranberry flavor explosion.
- Skittles: Sweet, fruity, rainbow candy flavor.
- Pineapple Ice: Juicy pineapple, refreshing icy touch.
- Peach Berry: Sweet peach, mixed berry blend.
- Blueberry On Ice: Sweet blueberry, cool icy finish.
- Vimto: Fruity, mixed berry, and grape.

- Passion Kiwi Guava: Exotic, sweet, tangy blend.

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