IVG 2400 Watermelon Ice Disposable Vape - £9.99

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IVG 2400 Watermelon Ice Disposable Vape is a refreshingly fruity and cooling vaping option, offering the juicy sweetness of ripe watermelon with a revitalizing dash of icy menthol. Designed for ultimate convenience, this disposable vape device boasts an impressive capacity of up to 2400 puffs.

The fusion of succulent watermelon and invigorating menthol creates a tantalizing and rejuvenating flavor profile that caters to both experienced vapers and beginners. With no need for charging or refilling, this user-friendly device is perfect for on-the-go vaping. Its sleek and compact design ensures portability, allowing you to relish the delightful blend of Watermelon and Ice flavors wherever you please.

Embark on a journey of fruity delight with a refreshing twist by trying the IVG 2400 Watermelon Ice Disposable Vape. Experience the crisp and juicy notes of watermelon, accentuated by the revitalizing touch of menthol in every satisfying puff.

IVG 2400 Disposable Flavour

Blue Raspberry Ice

Features of IVG 2400 Watermelon Ice Disposable Vape

Max. 2400 puffs per device
Inhale Activation
1500mAh Battery
4 x 2ml capacity