iJoy Coil System | DM-DM/Mesh and DMB-DM/Mesh

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Diamond Baby coil is IJOY's innovative coil.The porous dense arrangement increases the contact area between the heating wire and the cotton. The heat is faster and more uniform. The ejuice can be more fully atomized and restores the taste of the ejuice. At the same time, the use of Organic Fiber Cotton, full of ejuice, highly retained the original taste!


Resistance: 0.18ohm

Wattage Range: 40-80W


IJOY DMB-MESH coil 0.18ohm

1 pack - 3 coils

Please ensure that the coil is primed (soaked in liquid) before using it to avoid burnt taste.
Once the new coil is installed and liquid is added to the tank, let sit for 5- 10 mins for the coil to prime.
Instructions for changing coils can be found in the instruction manual provided with the device or online.
100% Genuine iJoy Product.