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Made using a secret recipe, the Heisenberg flavour made by Signature E Liquid has a fruity, bubble gum flavour with a cool menthol aftertaste that is full of flavour and produces massive vape clouds. The fruity flavour and the icy undertones means that the Heisenberg E Liquid 100ml is perfect as an all day vape, and it’s intense taste means that you will never get bored of this popular Signature E Liquid flavour.

Our 100ml Heisenberg liquid is a 50/50 PG/VG blend, which means that there is a 50/50 ratio of the main e liquid ingredients – propylene glycol and vegetable glycol. The good thing about our Heisenberg vape liquid being 50/50 is that it creates a massive vape cloud whilst losing none of the intense flavour. What is more, we stock this cheap Heisenberg E Liquid in the UK at a fantastic price, what is not to love?

How Signature E Liquid is different from other e liquids.

As well as being a smooth vape with intense flavour, the signature e liquid range is amazing value. Manufactured in the UK using only quality and premium ingredients, signature e liquid is available in a huge number of flavours and strengths so there really is something for everyone, whether you are an experienced vaper or new to the scene.

What are the benefits of having Heisenberg E Liquid 100ml shortfill?

Shortfill e liquid 100ml in the UK are becoming a more popular choice for those who are regularly vaping, especially after new regulations in 2017 came into effect stating that any bottle of liquid containing nicotine cannot be larger than 10ml. Since shortfill e liquid in the uk is 100ml with no nicotine, then you can bypass this regulation easily.

You buy a 100ml vape liquid with no nicotine in a larger 120ml bottle, for example our popular Heisenberg flavour, then you add your nicotine shots to make it whatever strength is best for you. It means that you can control what strength your 100ml vape liquid is, you can decide whether you want 3mg, 6mg or even 12mg of nicotine in your 120ml Heisenberg vape liquid.

It means that you save money in the long run by buying cheap Heisenberg E Liquid from the UK and you end up with 120ml liquid in a larger bottle, and you don’t have to carry around lots of small 10ml bottles, so it is environmentally friendly.

How to use our Heisenberg E Liquid 100ml Shortfill

Adding your own nicotine to 100ml Heisenberg flavouring might seem complicated and daunting at first, but it is really easy, quick and convenient.
1. Purchase your 100ml Heisenberg shortfill e liquid and your nicotine shots in whatever strength you prefer
2. Unscrew the cap off the 100ml vape liquid
3. Squeeze the contents of your nicotine shots into the Heisenberg flavour
4. Replace the lid and shake the contents to make sure that the flavoured e liquid uk 100ml has mixed thoroughly with the nicotine.
5. Add to your tank and enjoy!