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The Elux Legend 3500 series is the first released disposable product offering customers a better choice for fantastic flavour and good quality at a reasonable price.

The Elux bar series is the first disposable device to hit the market, providing customers with a better option because of its excellent flavour, high quality, and competitiveness.

3500 puffs vape specifications in detail


Elux Legend disposable pen device offers a smooth and pure taste in 33 delicious flavours, a 1500mAh battery and 3500 puffs of vaping.

It is a high-quality disposable vape that can bring more puffs and a more pure flavour. It has the most realistic preference and lasting taste performance, superior to other disposable electronic cigarettes. You will be surprised by the more refined and smoother taste.


Battery: 1500mAh built-in battery

Puffs: ≥3500 Puffs

elux legend 3500

Stylish Design

Slimline, Compact and Easy to Pocket

Choice of 33 Flavours:


Apple Peach Pear:

A crisp and cooling pear flavour mixed with ripened apple taste, tied together with juicy peaches.

Banana Ice:

Banana Ice is a tremendous burst of your favourite flavour to give you that brisk and refreshing taste like a frozen smoothie on a summer day.

Banana Pudding:

Silky smooth vape with a strong banana taste that will melt you away like your favourite pudding.

Blackcurrant Menthol:

Delicious blackcurrant menthol promises sweet and fruity undertones with a minty fresh aftertaste.

Blueberry Bubblegum:

A fruity, candy mixture, Blueberry Grape takes a bubblegum base and infuses it with juicy grape and tart blueberries for a fantastic combination of flavours.

Blueberry Pomegranate:

It is a delicious combination of juicy, sweet blueberries and tart pomegranates.

Blueberry Raspberry:

Blueberry and Raspberry deliver fruit flavour sensation. A refreshing and delicious burst of flavour that invigorates your taste buds like a delicious smoothie on a summer day.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry:

It features sweet and sour notes of blueberries paired with tart raspberries, creating a compelling vape experience with a fruity aftertaste.


Many vapers like creating their juices but don't want to get bogged down.

Cola Ice:

It is a refreshing mix of sweet vanilla and cinnamon flavours, cut with citrusy lime flavour to provide a satisfying recreation of the popular soda taste.

Cotton Candy:

The classic taste of fluffy cotton candy mixed with tasty bubblegum. A uniquely delicious candy flavour.

Fresh Mint:

It is a true cooling extravaganza with a pure mint flavour without the tobacco tones; it is just a superb mint.

Fuji Melon:

Fiji Melons is an assorted mix of tropical melons that creates an award-winning flavour.


The Frumist Grape disposable is a juicy rape grape freshly picked from the Summer plantations and contained within the sleek design.

Gummy Bear:

There's nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a gummy bear. That chewy yet delicious bite full of flavour is quite distinctive and unique.

Jungle Juice:

Exotic tropical fruit punch. Sweet and refreshing!

Mango Ice:

It is the ultimate island fruit, mixing chunks of juicy golden goodness with intensely cold menthol that'll send a chill down your spine.

Mr Blue:

Mr Blue is a popular flavour. A secret (blue): try it to find out why this is so good.

Oat Pudding (Rye Bread):

A Touch of Sour, Spicy, Earthy Flavor.


Refreshing Cider with slices of sweet Juicy Passionfruit.

Peach Blueberry Candy:

Cultivate your taste buds with exploding flavours like Peach, Rock Candy and Blueberry Cotton Candy.

Peach Mango:

Peach Mango is another peach and mango-flavoured vape complemented by a fruit-sweet sorbet treat.

Pink Lemonade:

It is a classic flavour that is truly magical; you haven't had one like this before! Sweet, tangy, sour, perfection!

Red Apple Ice:

Apple lovers at the ready! It is crisp red apples, ripe and sweetened, served iced and fresh!

Sour Apple:

It is a unique blend of green apple infused with just the right amount of sour notes to keep your tastebuds on their toes!

Strawberry Ice Cream:

It is a fruit blend noted for its smooth yet sharp notes. A sweet strawberry creates a juicy inhale, softened by a light cream and topped off by a crisp ice for a layered vape.

skittles 3500 elux legend

Strawberry Kiwi Ice:

Strawberry Kiwi Sweets features a combo of sweet, ripe strawberries and exotic kiwi fused with a cool ice menthol for a refreshing, icy vape

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum:

It combines succulent strawberries with a crisp watermelon vape juice flavour with a bubblegum base.

Tiger Blood:

We've blended the sweet taste of fresh Watermelon and Strawberries, perfectly infused with a subtle hint of coconut and a delicate sprinkle of shaved ice for the perfect finish!

Tropical Punch:

It mixes tropical fruits that take you on a taste sensation.

Unicorn Shake:

A magical creamy mix-flavoured milkshake juice that will leave you trotting with delight.

Watermelon Ice:

A fresh, juicy watermelon perfectly infused with a cooling, icy blast to create a mouthwatering experience.

White Peach Razz:

It blends succulent white peaches and berries for a fruity vape experience.

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Dharmesh Pankhania

Few time now where the packing has not been up to standard and the boxes come slightly damaged or liquid leaked. Please ensure you can try to fix this

tracey paley

Very good fast delivery

sophie milne
flux 3500

super 10/10 store

3500 elux great experience with this product

I absolutely stunned how long lasting this vape is 3500 puffs looks like 10000 will definitely buy this again from ukvaporwaves