Dr Drizzle 100ml E liquid Vape Juice 0mg

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Dr. Drizzle 100ml E Liquid Vape Juice 0mg 70/30 VG/PG


Banana Split - It takes fresh and ripe bananas, split in half and topped with vanilla ice cream and a cherry on top! We took the freshest bananas, split them straight down the middle, topped them with dairy ice cream and finished the whole ensemble off with a cherry. Treat perfection!

Cherry Changa - It is a medley of juicy cherries, whipped cream and sprinkles! A totally luxurious dessert flavour for your vape. Only the Dr. knows the true contents of the cherry changa. What we do know is that cherries, sprinkles and whipped cream come together in this absolute mayhem of flavour.

Mint Choc Chip - It is a classic dessert flavour. Rich, dark chocolate chips thrown into buckets of the extra minty ice cream. A rich and sweet chocolate chip is fused with a chilled mint for a balanced e-liquid with a sharp taste.

Rad Blue Raz - It is a thick, soft vanilla ice cream with generous streaks of blue raspberry sauce. A sweet and refreshing dessert flavoured vape. It doesn't get much cooler than this. Super thick, super soft and swirled with blue raz sauce. Chase that ice cream van down, ask the Dr for the RAZ!

Raspberry Ripple - It is a thick, soft vanilla ice cream with generous streaks of sweet Raspberry sauce. After many experiments, the worlds best raspberry ripple vape was created! The riddle of the ripple is over.

Strawberry Screwball - It is an ice cream filled cone with swirls of strawberry sauce and the classic bubblegum treat at the bottom! A cone filled with ice cream, swirled with strawberry sauce and of course not forgetting the bubblegum treat at the end.

Toffee Twister - The ride of your tastebuds life they just can't get off. Swirls upon swirls of gooey toffee syrup are laced into this ice cream super treat.