Aspire Triton Tank

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The Aspire Triton Tank is the latest innovation from Aspire that builds on the overwhelming success of the Atlantis Tank range. The Aspire Triton has a new improved airflow control system that gives you more control of airflow to the tank. Now, the airflow adjustments are also at the base of the drip tip allowing further control of your vaping experience by allowing you to control the temperature of your vapour. The four heat sink fins dissipate the heat production. Similar to its predecessor, the build quality is awesome and Aspire have increased tank capacity to 3.5ml. The enhanced attributes cumulates in better flavour delivery and bigger vapour production by this astonishing device. Coupled together with the replacement 1.8 ohm coil, the additional non sub ohm coil ensures that regardless of your vaping style, the Triton has you covered whether you are mount to lunging your vape or direct lunging your vape.

The Triton uses new organic cotton for its coils and comes with 2 coils, 0.4 ohm preinstalled (requires 25-30 watts) and 1.8 ohms (requires 10-13 watts) as a spare coil making this device the tank to beat on the market. The Triton Tank comes with anti-leak 3.5 ml capacity tank, stainless steel 510 drip tip (RDA like), replaceable glass tank and a top fill mechanism making this a wonderful all round device.

The Aspire Triton Tank now incorporates the ability to use a RBA using the Aspire Triton RBA Kit(sold separately), unlike any other tanks from Aspire.

1 x Aspire Triton Tank
2 x Coils (1 x 0.4 ohms preinstalled & 1 x 1.8 ohms spare)
1 x Replaceable glass tank
1 x Stainless steel 510 drip tip
1 x User Guide Booklet

Great vapour production
Top fill tank
Improved adjustable airflow at base and tip
Improved Flavour delivery
Sub Ohm and Non Sub Ohm ability
100% Japanese organic cotton coils
Pyrex Glass Tank
Replaceable Stainless Steel 510 Drip Tip
3.5 ml Capacity
510 threaded

How To Use:
Remove the drip tip of the Triton tank and rotate upper top half of the Triton tank so that the small triangle is in alignment with the black symbol of liquid on the middle component of the tank. This will ensure that the tank does not leak. Now unscrew the upper component (airflow drip tip system) taking care with the two rubber O rings. Tilt the tank to 45 degrees angle and use the needle or tip of e liquid bottle or e juice bottle, and drip e liquid inside either of the outer perimeter holes only, ensuring that you do not overfill the device (3.5ml level). Do not allow liquid into the centre console as this will result in the e liquid or e juice coming into your mouth otherwise. Once the tank is filled, re-screw the top component back(airflow drip tip system) into the tank. Avoid over tightening of the top into the tank as this will damage the O rings that stops liquid leaking from tank and reset the tank so that the triangle points towards the vape logo again rather than being at the liquid symbol. To avoid burning taste, ensure bottom of atomizer is totally submerged and soaked with e liquid or e juice. Rotate clearomizer and leave clearomizer 2 minutes before use to ensure all of atomizer is soaked in fluid to stop burning taste when used.


Atomizer heads are perishable items and have a life span of 10 to 20 days depending on usage. Leaking will start when atomizer head becomes worn out, therefore replacement atomizer heads will need to be purchased.

Warning: The Aspire Triton Tank should only be used with care and should only be powered with a suitable power source capable of firing the required 0.4 ohm or lower. Always confirm that your mod AND battery can handle sub ohm coils. Regulated mod devices may be used, subject to ampage being correct. Mechanical mods should ideally be used with 30 Amp batteries or higher. If lower, use Ohms law calculator to check amps. STAY SAFE!

Should only be used with devices 25w or above. Standard eGo/510 batteries will not be able to power the Aspire Triton Tank.

All product warranty details are detailed on our terms & conditions page here.