Aspire Proteus Kit 18ML Sheesha Electronic Head Vape Uk

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Aspire Proteus E Hookah
Hookah Vapers rejoice. Aspire has you covered with their new E Hookah system, the Proteus! The Proteus sits right atop your hookah, replacing the standard Hookah bowl, and ushers in all the convenience of eliquid vaping to the world of hookah. The Proteus is a 2 x 18650 device that includes power, tank and coil and vapes your favorite e liquid when you draw on your Hookah. Charging and refilling the Proteus is easy, and you’ll never again have to tend to hookah coals. You’ll get cool hookah flavor from the Proteus’ .25 ohm coil and ample power supply and 18mL tank.

The Proteus is a Hookah Head replacement device
2 x 18650 batteries (included)
.25ohm organic cotton stainless steel wire coil
microUsb charging
18mL Proteus Tank