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Compact and Efficient E-Cigarettes With No Setup Required!

Get your hands on the most popular e-cigarettes! These disposable e-cigarettes are compact and efficient and require zero maintenance. Choose an e-cigarette that suits your taste and dispose of it when you don’t need it anymore!

Disposable E-cigarettes

Perfect for beginners, these e-cigarettes come in different flavours!

Switching from smoking to vaping is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is why get yourself an e-cigarette and make your smoking experience healthier and more luxurious. You can dispose of these cigarettes when your liquid finishes.

Pre-filled with an e-liquid of your choice, this e-cigarette provides you with more than 600 puffs each day! That is approximately equivalent to 40 cigarettes!

Key attributes

●       Single-use cigarettes

●       Pre-filled with an e-liquid

●       Produces fewer toxins than other cigarettes

●       Compact in size

●       Multiple flavours are available.

●       No maintenance required

●       Approximately 600 puffs each day.