Crystal Prime 7000 Disposable Vape Pod Devices £8.98

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Disposable Vape Pod Kit with 7000 Puffs: Crystal Prime 7000, 1.2 ohm mesh coil system with draw activation A 600 mAh battery is built in.


Crystal Prime 7000 Disposable Vape Pod Kit
Up to 7000 Puffs
Comes in pack of 10pc
Crystal Clear Colour full 3D Effect Device
Draw activate with 1.2ohms mesh coil system
Built in 600 mAh Battery with Type - C Rechargeable Devices


Berry blaze
Cherry ice
Mr blue
Blue raz lemonade
Blueberry cherry cranberry
Black mamba
Ice pop
Hubba Bubba
Strawberry raspberry cherry ice
Strawberry kiwi
Fresh mint
Triple mango
Red Bull strawberry
Fizzy cherry
Gummy bear
Cherry watermelon
Blue sour raspberry
Watermelon ice
Raspberry mint
Red Apple Ice


1. Q
: What is the Crystal Prime 7000 Disposable Vape Pod Device?

The Crystal Prime 7000 is a sleek and convenient disposable vape pod device that offers a hassle-free vaping experience. It comes pre-filled with premium e-liquid and is designed for single-use.

2. Q:
How long does the Crystal Prime 7000 last?

The device is optimized for a satisfying vaping experience and typically lasts for approximately 700 puffs. However, individual usage may vary.

3. Q:
What flavors are available for the Crystal Prime 7000?

A: Crystal Prime 7000 comes in a variety of appealing flavors, ranging from classic tobacco to fruity and refreshing options. Check the product packaging or our website for the latest flavor offerings.

4. Q:
Is the Crystal Prime 7000 rechargeable?

A: Yes, the Crystal Prime 7000 is a disposable device and is rechargeable. It is designed for easy use without the need for maintenance.

5. Q: How do I know when the Crystal Prime 7000 is empty?

The device is equipped with an LED indicator that will flash when the battery is low or when the device is empty. It's advisable to dispose of the device responsibly when the indicator signals depletion.

6. Q: Is the Crystal Prime 7000 suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely. The Crystal Prime 7000 is user-friendly and requires no prior vaping experience. It's an excellent option for those looking for a hassle-free introduction to vaping.

7. Q: Can I recycle the Crystal Prime 7000?

A: While recycling regulations may vary, we recommend checking with local recycling facilities. Dispose of the device responsibly, following environmental guidelines in your area.

8. Q:
Can I travel with the Crystal Prime 7000?

A: Yes, the Crystal Prime 7000 is travel-friendly, but it's essential to comply with airline regulations. Ensure the device is properly stored, and consider checking with the airline regarding their policies on vaping devices.

9. Q
: Where can I purchase the Crystal Prime 7000?

: The Crystal Prime 7000 is available at authorized retailers and our official website

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alan adams

super fast delivery - great prices

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Excellent service

Fantastic service, quick delivery, kept up to date. Highly recommend.

Stephen White

Crystal Prime 7000 Disposable Vape Pod Devices £8.98

Donna Jennings
Crystal prime 7000

Didn't have flavour I wanted I left it up to the fella that rang me to choose and wasn't disappointed thank you

Crystal prime 7000

Just had my order today and I must say what a great bit of kit. Taste is great to. And very quick delivery to by all. Many thanks.