Kangertech EVOD PRO CL Starter Kit TOP FILL SUB-OHM Vape

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The Design

Kanger EVOD Pro

When it comes to the Kanger EVOD Pro, the overall design and structure of the device are impressive. However, aren’t all the modern All-In-One devices like this? It seems they’re simply following suit with the latest releases. They are adapting with the functionality of hardware, rather than the exterior design. Regardless, it’s still a good looking pen!

Size and Weight

The device comes in at around 133mm, this is excluding the drip tip. Making the EVOD Pro quite an enjoyable size. You will have no troubles putting it in your pocket and using the Kanger EVOD Pro as a daily vapor. Although I can’t confirm the actual weight of the device, I would say it’s average. It’s not too heavy to be too noticeable in your pocket. Yet, it is not too light to feel fake or like a poor design.


The Kanger EVOD Pro have decided to come away from the competition in the hardware section rather than the design implementation. You can commonly find this with the other releases. I’ll be honest, it’s not visually more appealing than other devices. However, if you spend the time to read the features and hardware functionality you may design to choose this device. Here are some of the best features it has to offer:

  • Removable Battery – Due to the battery not being part of the fixed unit you can remove it from the bottom of the device. This allows you to easily swap out a battery when it’s coming to the end of its time. Not only does it give you this option, it also hosts a tiny adjustable section. This lets you manually push the negative connection of the case to the battery. It also lets you fully disconnect the battery from the device when traveling if you want. Using the LED indicator on the power button, it will then let you know when you have reconnected the battery!
  • Color Variation – The Kanger EVOD Pro comes in 4 available colors. You get Steel Metal, Black, Red, and White. Each color has a professional clean cut finish. This makes the device look well-made and appealing to some. Hosting a black tip on every color variation.
  • Internal Charing – Commonly found in other All-In-One structures, it is an external charging feature. This means you have to remove the battery to charge it. Despite the functionality the EVOD Pro allows you to remove the battery. You have the ability to charge the battery straight through the USB connector found on the back of the device. As a result, this makes charging on the go nice and simple!
  • Specifications:

    Diameter: 22mm

    Length: 122.6mm

    Weight: 98g

    Capacity: 2mL

    Output: Full power output

    Battery: 18650 battery

    Coil Resistance: 0.15Ω – 2.5Ω

    Coil Type: CLOCC, CLRBA

    Charging: Micro USB