Why Nic Salt E-Juices More Effective Against Cigarette Addiction?

Why Nic Salt E-Juices More Effective Against Cigarette Addiction?

Do you know that an e-cigarette with nicotine salt is more effective than the standard e-juice against cigarette addiction? That’s because nicotine salt is a natural alkaline additive that offers a smoother throat hit. 

Moreover, it contains more nicotine in smaller volumes. The primary concern of smokers who are trying to quit smoking is how to reduce the intake of nicotine without losing its addictive properties. 

E-juices do not offer an ideal solution because they still pack nicotine in high quantities, which makes them less effective against the cravings of smokers. Nicotine salts offer an alternative solution to this problem and can be used as an effective weapon against your smoking addiction.

What are nicotine salt e-juices?

Nicotine salt e-juices such as Elux legend Fresh Mint Ribena come with a 70% lower nicotine content as compared to standard e-juices. The e-juice is derived from tobacco leaves and is considered to be the main component responsible for the addictive nature of cigarettes. 

The e-juices that are used to create nicotine salt e-juices are modified to remove their alkali content and are then mixed with nicotine salts. The resultant e-juice is then packaged and sold as nicotine salt e-juices. Nicotine salt e-juices are estimated to be 70% more effective against cigarette addiction when compared to standard e-juices. 

The standard e-juices and nicotine salt e-juices are two different types of e-juices that are used in vaping. While standard e-juices contain nicotine with high alkaline content, nicotine salt e-juices are low in alkaline content with high nicotine content.

Advantages of using nicotine salt e-juice

There are many advantages of using nicotine salt e-juices as compared to standard e-juices. 

a)  Smooth and quick absorption: Nicotine salt e-juices are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and act faster than standard e-juices. This makes nicotine salt e-juices more suitable for smokers who want to quit smoking but do not have enough time to deal with the cravings. 

b) Less potent taste: Nicotine salt e-juices are low in alkaline content and low in flavor. This makes them less potent in taste and flavor as compared to standard e-juices. 

c)  Better flavor: Nicotine salt e-juices have a better flavor as compared to standard e-juices. This makes them more agreeable and enjoyable for the users. For this reason, many cigarette-addicted people are preferring Frunk Nic salt.

How do nicotine salt e-juices work to quit smoking?

As compared to the standard e-juices, nicotine salt e-juices have a higher nicotine content. This is because e-juices are created with a specific nicotine salt, which is a combination of nicotine and an alkaline compound. Once you smoke nicotine salt e-juices, the nicotine present in it is absorbed by the lungs, goes through the bloodstream, and reaches the brain very quickly. This is a significant difference when compared to standard e-juices. 

Therefore, the standard e-juices work at a slower rate when compared to nicotine salt e-juices. This is because it takes longer for the standard e-juices to pass the blood barrier and reach the brain. And this is where nicotine salt e-juices score better than standard e-juices. Nicotine salt e-juices provide a smoother throat hit as compared to standard e-juices.

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