Why Don't Vaping Liquids Taste Anything?


Why Don't Vaping Liquids Taste Anything?
Have you ever been vaping your favourite liquid and realized it doesn't taste like anything anymore? Here, Geekvape UK professionals explain all the reasons why vaping fluids don't know anything?

Many people wonder why overnight your e-cigarette doesn't taste, change the liquid, clean the resistances, and you still don't feel the taste.

If you are a vaper who has tried everything and still do not feel flavour in your e-liquid,you are interested and much this post.

What does it mean to have "The Language of Vaper"?

If you've experienced these symptoms a few times, you may suffer from the phenomenon called the vaper language.

It's probably a term that sounds Chinese to you and so far, you've never heard it before, but while it's true, it's getting heard more and more.

This term, also known as vaper fatigue, is used to refer to possible conditions related to vapers' taste buds. In most cases it is a temporary condition that goes away with a few simple steps.

Why don't I feel Taste When Vaping?

When you have prolonged exposure of a smell and your nose gets used to that smell, it's called olfactory fatigue. Put more easily, when you enter a room that is freshly painted, at first the smell of paint may become unbearable, but after a few minutes your nose gets used to that smell to the point that you don't even feel it. Similarly, when you brush your teeth with very strong toothpaste, you can stay more than 30 minutes without feeling any flavour. That's exactly what happens to a lot of vapers,which you're vaping e-liquids that are mostly extremely concentrated and powerful.

The fact of vaping with ultimate puff e-liquid that on the other hand are delicious, causes quite quickly and quite often vapours in the tongue, you just have to take a short break of about two weeks and opt for another flavour.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Not Feeling Taste When Vaping?

There are different reasons not to feel flavour, your Ultimate puff e-liquid Kits may simply require routine cleaning maintenance, but if you've tried everything and still don't notice flavour, you have to take some steps.

Do you vape the same E-liquid for a long time?

It's likely that if you've been vaping the sametaste, your taste buds have gotten used to it and aren't able to taste it. One solution is to change flavour for two weeks and then return to your favourite.

Another solution is to abandon the loosest and most subtle flavours for strong or menthol flavours.

Do you have the Damaged Taste Buds?

Taste buds can be altered, the most common causes are smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol abundantly, eating strong foods such as spicy or acidic and some medications. But fortunately, they heal on their own, although as they age, they can weaken.

Good news is that the cells of the papillae regenerate quite quickly. In fact, they disappear each to grow back, it is a constant cycle that is usually completed in 10 or 15 days.

Do you smoke and vapeas at the same time?

Many people smoke and vape at the same time, clearly this can lead to confusing the papillae, specialists advise you to once and for all throw yourself to quit smoking to just vape,to notice being able to really feel the taste.

Do you drink enough water?

Of all it is known, that drinking water helps the proper functioning of our organism. Drinking enough water daily helps moisturize your mouth in general.

Many vapers feel a dry mouth of vaping, causing enough not to feel flavour, drinking water may be one of the best remedies.

To finish and as you can see, not feeling flavour when vaping is not a problem is just a passing thing that has very easy solutions.

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