Why Are Flavoured Vape Pods So Popular?


Why Are Flavoured Vape Pods So Popular?
If you visit any vape store, you will see collections of cartridges, bottles filled with flavoured e-liquid. The vape juice comes in so many flavours like bubble gum, candy, etc. Flavour is just one ingredient in the E-liquid. The fluids include nicotine and other kinds of addictive.

The tiny vape pods are quite in rage now, and whether it's your first vape or fifth, you will be interested in picking a pod mod. The mini vape mod works efficiently, and it tastes great. It has something fruity Eliquid for meeting all the needs.

  • Provides the satisfaction

All the vape mods have some kinds of nicotine called salt e liquids. Likewise, these are very smooth to inhale and comes in different flavours. The tiny vape works best with higher nicotine e-liquid. It offers a smooth vaping experience with a strength of up to 50mg. in short, you can get over the addiction without straining yourself when you opt for such products.

  • It comes in various flavours.

There are two kinds of cigarette smells, namely tobacco cigarettes and menthol. But with vaping, there come tons of options. It has wide varieties of flavours like:

  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon, etc.

Discover all the flavours to get you a unique feel while vaping. There is always a change in flavour which is preferred by many people. You will also get mixed combination flavours that you will love the most.

  • Controlling the nicotine intake

The flavoured vape pods don't do much damage because it has less amount of tobacco. The Pod salt UK are flavoured to keep the nicotine level balanced. You might not know how much tobacco goes inside with cigarettes. The E liquids come with 0 to 36 mg of nicotine which is significantly less in the body.

If you want to smoke without nicotine, there is an option as well. If you have a strong love for nicotine, go for 36 mg pod salt UK.

  • No bad odour

The flavoured vape pods don't give any foul smell, and you will only find a fruity scent coming from them. If you smoke a cigar, the smell lingers on the hands and clothes. For eliminating the odour, switch to the vaporizer style. It gives no lasting aroma, and you can smoke also.

  • Very affordable

E-liquids are an eco-friendly way of smoking and are cost-effective also. Secondly, the vaporizers and the vape pens can be expensive, but it lasts more than a single pack of cigarettes. After making just the initial investment, the cost is halved. The vapes also come with rechargeable batteries with the e liquids ranging $10 to $25.

Vaping is for everyone and not for smokers. Also, the flavoured vape pods are pretty new in the markets. They smell good, and they provide inner satisfaction with each smoke. Vaping allows non-smokers to take part in smoking but not smoking at all. Flavoured vaping makes teens addicted to it. So, vaping must be done even within limits. The flavours are pretty appealing to the younger generations.

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