What Is The Best Age For Vaping In The UK?

What Is The Best Age For Vaping In The UK?

This is one of the most-famous and incorrectly answered the question. In this blog, we will tell you every about the best age of vaping in UK including some other essential question. People, especially parents in the UK get worried about their kids doing vaping and asking companies to stop producing vape kits and other Smok kit in UK. For the sake of better understanding about Vape store making vape kits, let us tell you that there is a certain age for people who can use vape. Govt. of UK has already decided a certain age that allows people of UK to buy vape instruments. 

According To the law, Age for buying and using Smok kit in the UK……. 

When you entered or open an account on the websites of Vape store to make purchase vape kit, as per the law of UK, people fewer than 18 are restricted for buying and using vape kits. It is also restricted for vape store to sell their vaping instruments to the kids under 18. So, here is what happens, when you enter to a vape store website to buy e-cigarettes, they ask you to log in where you need to clarify your age. If you are 18 or more, you are allowed to buy any product, but if you are under 18, you are highly not allowed. The verification of age followed by vaping stores asks you your date of birth according to which they will decide whether you are allowed or restricted as per the laws to buy e-cigarettes.  

Laws of the UK about vaping and e-cigarettes 

In 2015, the government of the UK rationalized its laws on the purchasing and selling e-cigarettes and related products which also include vaping:  

The laws are:  

If the vendors will break the rules rationalised by the government on the purchasing and selling of e-cigarettes, they will be smacked with at least £2,500. 

It would be implemented as illegal if vendors would sell nicotine-containing products to people of under 18s.  

Adults under the age of 18s could not buy or sell nicotine-containing products such as Smok kit in the UK.  

Vaping Age restrictions around the world: 

In Australia, nicotine is classified as poison which is why sales are banned there.  

In the US and UK, the sale of vaping is prohibited to the adults under the age of 18s.

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