What is an e-liquid and how it is made?


What is an e-liquid and how it is made?
If you are planning to quit smoking and looking for the best alternative then vape juice or e-liquid can be the right option for you. As you begin to know about e-cigarettes, e-liquid is the first term that you will come around.  

In this blog, you will have complete knowledge about e-liquid.  

What is an e-liquid? 

E-liquid is basically prepared from a few different ingredients such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water, nicotine as well as flavorings. In the total composition of e-juice, nicotine and flavoring account for almost 8% to 10%.  

You need to know that three of the four ingredients used in preparing e-liquid are food grade. However, the presence of nicotine in e-liquid is considered pharmaceutical grade because it is extracted from tobacco plants.  

Nicotine in vaping liquids is extracted from tobacco plants due to which the FDA considers electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes as a tobacco product.  

There are several flavors of e-liquid like Frooti tooti e-liquid that gives you an excellent vaping experience. 

Several people are switching to e-smoking because according to them e-cigarettes are much safer when compared to traditional cigarettes.  

How is e-liquid prepared? 

Preparing e-liquid involves a lot of time because all the ingredients used in it needs to be measured carefully before mixing. 

However, this is especially essential in the case of nicotine because it requires to be measured properly so that the right percentage of nicotine is attained.  

First, in the base of PG and VG, first flavorings are added and then they are mixed perfectly. Only a small amount of flavoring is required to give the e-liquid the punch that it requires.  

In the next step, nicotine is added to the mixture and then mixed properly to ensure that all the ingredients present in the e-liquid are blended. Once all the ingredients are mixed, the e-liquid is left for a few days so that the flavor becomes rich. 

Although the process might sound simple but remember it is quite complicated. So, don’t give it a try at your home.  

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Why PG & VG is used in e-liquid? 

In several products, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are used as additives. Using the different ratios of both PG and VG in e-liquid will give you a different vaping experience.  

Since PG is flavorless due to which it is used as a common base and does not affect the taste of e-liquid much. By adding PG to your e-liquid, you can get thinner liquid that further gives a thinner cloud at the time of vaping.  

On the other hand, VG adds a sweet taste to your e-liquid and can be used with any flavor.  

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