What Are Doozy Legends?

What Are Doozy Legends?

Doozy Legends vape is a compilation of the best-selling e-liquid flavors from the whole catalog of Doozy Vape Co. With so many sweet, savory, menthol, and tobacco varieties to choose from; you won't have time to become bored. There is space for two nic shots in each 100ml shortfall. The 70% VG content makes them perfect for Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping with sub-ohm tanks.

Why Did Doozy Legends Come To Be?

Over time, we have thoroughly analyzed the effects and worth of our unique liquids. Since introducing the Seriously Salty line, we have expanded to include the Seriously Donuts and Seriously Soda lines. Therefore, we decided to unite the most beloved flavors from our Sweet Treats, Tropix, Doozy Originals, and Cocktails clans to create the Doozy Legends collection.

Doozy's 100ml Legend line retails at £16.99, and a new promotion allows customers to buy 5 Legends and receive any Short fill for free. The nice part is that the range of the free one is entirely up to you.

· The Doozy Legends line of 100ml e-liquids includes the best-selling flavors from the Doozy brand. There is a vast selection of flavors, from sweet to savory to tobacco, so there's something for everyone. Cloud chasers will love the 70:30 VG: PG ratio. In addition, each bottle has enough capacity for two nic shots.

· Flavors of Doozy Legends Pastry Crumble include a sweet and spicy combination of berries and cinnamon. This e-liquid will make you long for your favorite sweet treat.

· Gold Medal Winner! Our chocolate cookie milkshake deserves the finest chocolate flavor. A thick and creamy milkshake topped with whipped cream. All the deliciousness with none of the guilt!

· Citrusy and acidic, with notes of lemon and other citrus fruits. One of the greatest fruity lemon vapes because it strikes the ideal mix between sweetness and citrus. There's a good reason why Pink Haze is one of our best-selling ADVs: vapers worldwide use it as a standard.

· The pinnacle of dessert vapes, created by a precise combination. The syrup-drenched vanilla custard and airy pastry will be placed in front of you, and the thick cream will be placed on top. The deeper you breathe in, the more flavorful it becomes! To get the most out of this fantastic drink, you should exhale.

· When you take a deep breath, you'll notice a unique blue raspberry slush flavor, followed by a rush of icy cold that perfectly marries all the berries. Just the right amount of chill makes this a fantastic all-around favorite. The excellent flavor is conveyed with every breath. The aftertaste is quite evocative of machine-made blue slush.

· An icy drink that packs a powerful flavor punch with real strawberries and juicy raspberries. This vape will provide a pleasantly chilled, berry-flavored sensation.


The 70/30 VG/PG ratio in this Yankee vape liquid makes it compatible with many different mods. The high VG level assures great, pleasurable clouds of vapor, while the trace amount of PG ensures excellent flavor transmission and a soft throat impact.

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