Various Types of Vaping You Should Know About

Various Types of Vaping You Should Know About

Are you a smoker and you want to vape? With many liquids and vaping devices available in the markets, you can choose among many. There are three main components of vaping. Firstly, it's the battery. Then it comes to the atomizer and e-liquid. Finally, the atomizer turns the device on for you to put the e-liquid. No matter how advanced you are as a vaper, you will follow the same procedure.

Types of vape devices available in the markets

1.      Disposable vapes

These are the cigalikes and the first thing for smokers to quit smoking. E-cigarette looks like you have smoke in your hand. These are tiny vaping devices with self-contained batteries. It also has a small pre-filled reservoir that has some vape juice.

The e-cigarettes are disposable, but you can't just throw them away. These look like disposables but are refillable. The body is the battery with either 200 Mah or 300mAh.

2.      Pod Mods

This is the intense kind of smoke you find in the markets. These pods are sleek and stylish and come in numerous shapes and sizes. Further, IVG Vape liquid has filled in these pod mods. The pod mod is a small, lightweight device with a built-in battery. The pod is small and detachable.

Pod mods are popular vaping devices. These come with backup devices for different juice samples. If you use it all day, you must refill the pods several times a day. However, it is an affordable way to vape. You can get it for around $15 for a pack of two.

3.      Vape pens

·         The vape pens are very easy to use with minimal features. It comes with customizations as well. It's the next immediate step for smokers and vapers for the first time

·         The vape pen is like an e-cigarette. You unscrew the pod, fill the juice and use it. It comes in two types, the bottomless and button fired

·         You will find vape pens ranging from $10 to about $100. These are so portable as you can carry them wherever you go

·         The auto-draw pens are more convenient, but the button-fired cells are safer

4.      Box Mods

These are advanced AVPs and sophisticated devices. It comes with Elf Bar Disposable for creating a personalized experience. These make enormous billowing clouds. You can extract even a single ounce of the juice. All the vapers who love vapes use the Box mods.

The box mods are complicated, but the manufacturer is easier to get started. The box mod requires several pieces. And it doesn't come with a built-in battery. You will need a separate battery to use it. The high-quality ones will range anywhere around $40 to $150.

There are so many to choose from that you might get overwhelmed. But be sure of taking only the device you can use. Then, visit the local vape shop and select a suitable device. When you use the right vaping device, the experience will be awesome for you. Go ahead and get the best experience!

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