Top 7 UK E Liquid Brands That You Must Try This Year

Top 7 UK E Liquid Brands That You Must Try This Year

Currently, you will find an endless collection of E-liquids for vaping. Some of these E-liquids come from branded companies, while others are not branded. Due to this reason, many new vape users get confused. Here are Seven E liquid brands that you can trust and try in 2022.

1.      Zap E Liquids

Shortfills and NicSalts of this E liquid brand are very popular in the UK vape market. From young to old, everyone loves their E-liquids. Their Zap Aisu E liquid variant gives an authentic Japanese Kakigori dessert experience. You can try some of their E-liquids if you want to try some refreshing vape flavors.

2.      VU9 E Liquids

This E liquid brand features some of the best sweet, creamy and savory vape notes. For this reason, this E liquid brand is very popular among young generations. You will find these premium quality vape flavors at an affordable price. Most vape users of this E liquid brand are happy with their quality products.

3.      VADO E Liquids

Try this E liquid brand if you want to enjoy the freshness of nature. Their Menthol, Cherry Tunez, Star Burst, and Strawberry E liquid flavors are very popular in the vape community. This E liquid brand is a business for a long time and they have made a reputation in the market with quality products. Hence, you can try their E liquid variants with confidence.

4.      HANGSEN E Liquids

HANGSEN is a renowned E liquid brand in the UK vape market. This E liquid brand also has a strong delivery network. They offer same-day delivery in the UK. Currently, their menthol and tobacco flavored E-liquids are very popular among the UK vape community. Along with quality flavor, this E liquid brand also offers its products at a discounted price. You will enjoy their E-liquids if you are a regular vape user.

5.      Peeky Blenders E Liquids

Although it is a new E liquid brand, it has gained popularity in the UK vape market very quickly. Recently, their Soloman E liquid has gained huge popularity. It is a strawberry and kiwi flavored E liquid that most people like to vape. You can try this E liquid if you are new to vaping.

6.      Black Widow E Liquids

Try this E liquid brand if you prefer strong flavors. Most of their E liquid products have an exotic taste. For this reason, these E liquid products are popular among pro-level vape users. Most of the time, first vape users find these E-liquids very strong. This E liquid brand has a niche market in the UK and they are slowly growing in the vape market.

7.      Ruthless E Liquids

This E liquid brand is popular for its tropical E liquid flavors. Ruthless E Liquids have already won the heart of many people. Some of their popular E liquids are Grape Drank on Ice, Strizzy Vape Juice, Swamp Thang Vape Juice, etc. You can try these E liquids and experience awesomeness.

Apart from these E liquid brands, you will find many more E liquid brands in the UK market. Before buying any E liquid product, always check the review. This way, you can find out the best E liquid.

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