Tips for Enhancing the Flavour in your Vaper


Tips for Enhancing the Flavour in your Vaper
In the vaping world, there are different models of vapersdesigned with sophisticated technologies. Some prefer powerful e-cigarettes that manage to make impressive clouds, others prefer a discreet vaping and more similar to the traditional cigarette.

A lot of people go for Smok TFV16 which provides a big throat blow along with an intense sensation of flavour and maximum vapor.

If you are a pro steamer, there are some tips and recommendations that can help you maximize the flavour of your liquids.

  1. The first of these would be related to vaping mode. Whether you choose power control or temperature control, depending on the settings you select, the liquids will have one performance or another. This in turn is associated with the type of resistance you are using. Today, almost all resistors have the power range in which they perform best on one side.

It is advisable to try the settings until you find the right point where you are comfortable with vaping and the taste is more faithful. Normally this is done by choosing the minimum power that marks the resistance and gradually climbing progressively.

  1. Another tip would be to adjust the airflow. More open airflow typically contributes to larger clouds. If you reduce the airflow this makes the draft tighter and concentrates the taste. Remember that you can't close the airflow completely, as you won't be able to vape (no steam will come out) and you can reheat the atomizer even to the point where the tank glass breaks. As with power control, it is usually recommended to start with the airflow control quite closed and open it gradually until you find a good balance and the point at which you feel comfortable.
  2. Resistances also play an important role in achieving taste. Early atomizers used to have tight resistances on the upper deck, which sometimes caused them to not get soaked properly or to give burn-flavoured puffs. Then came the sub-ohm resistors that allowed for greater production of flavour and steam. Finally came the repairable atomizers, which allowed what many consider the ultimate vaping experience. This type of atomizers allows a more personalized vaping, but require a greater experience since you have to manufacture and / or assemble the resistors, add the cotton, adjust the resistors so that they are heated appropriately from the centre to the outside, etc. With this type of atomizers and resistors you certainly get the purest flavour of Frootitooti e-liquid that a device can provide.
  3. The type of cotton can also influence how Frootitooti e-liquid flavour is transmitted when vaping. In the early resistances, the material they used altered the taste of liquids. Currently, cotton is often considered to be the best material for vaping and, within it, Japanese organic cotton as it allows good absorption in addition to high quality at affordable prices.
  4. Finally, one thing that seems obvious is cleanliness. The cleaner your tank is and the newer the resistance, the better flavour of Frooti tooti eliquid you will be able to get and the better, therefore, the vaping experience.

These tips will definitely help you enhance the taste of liquids and further improve your vaping experience.

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