Simple Steps To Follow For Setting Up Your New Vape-Kit


Simple Steps To Follow For Setting Up Your New Vape-Kit
You just received your new vape device. You want to start using it. But this is one of the mistakes many people make. Do not start using the device unless you have prepared it. The device is new. It may not have e-liquid filled in the tank. If you switch it one, you will burn the coil. 

  • Before enjoying the very first drag, ensure the vape device is prepared
  • You need to check the coil, tank and battery condition
  • Do not use the device, if you do not know how to use it 

Any device may need proper tuning. You also have to ensure that you have selected the best Anarchist Eliquid flavor and quality. The device may require performing little settings. 

  • Early preparations 

The first thing is to remove the vape kit from the new box packing. Always ensure you have checked the device and its components.  

Do not get started with the device, if it needs to be assembled first. Check if the device has all components in its place. 

  • Check with the tank 

Any vape kit will always have a small tank. This has to be filled with the liquid you want to enjoy. Some devices may be reusable types as well. Get familiar with the maximum loading capacity of the tank. 

If you are using a one-time-use device, then this may not be an issue. To get familiar with the capacity, go through the manual. 

  • The priming part 

Priming is an important step. This is important if you want to enjoy the real taste of the vape liquid. Once the tank is filled with the liquid, you have to allow the liquid to settle at the bottom. The liquid should also reach the cotton in the mouthpiece.  

One of the easiest ways to prime the coil is to soak the cotton with the liquid flavor. This will ensure that the cotton is not dry and will not burn. This task is important so you get to enjoy the natural flavor.  

  • Easy draw 

The next step is to enjoy the first drag. You should always bring the device close to your mouth. You should also draw slowly. Do not exert pressure when dragging the vapor. It is not possible to draw maximum liquid in a single drag. 

The mouthpiece should always be placed perfectly in position so you can drag. Do not tilt the device or else the liquid will overflow. You may not enjoy the taste. 

  • Check with settings 

There are two types of devices- one that needs settings, and the second that does not need settings. Reusable types may need settings before use. Single-use type devices may not need settings. Check with the Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank device for settings. 

If the device is not set, then it may not function best. You will not get to enjoy the rich flavor. You will keep struggling with the taste every time you take a drag. 

Different devices may have different settings as well. Get familiar with this part before you start using the kit.

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