Simple Life Hacks To Help Maintain Vape Kit In Top-Condition

Simple Life Hacks To Help Maintain Vape Kit In Top-Condition

If you vape then you need to maintain the device in top condition. If you purchased a new device, then it may need proper maintenance. Every month the device needs to be cleaned. This is important so you get to vape clean vapor every time you use it.

  • Before cleaning the device you need good knowledge related to the different components of the device
  • You should be comfortable investing time when performing this task
  • It is advisable to let experts perform this task for you 

You can follow the basic set of information shared with you in this content. Always begin your search for Innokin vape kits and devices online.

Check with the basic components

Any vape kit may have three main components. These include the battery, coil and tank. The three main components are enclosed in the plastic or metal case that is the body of the device. Before you get started with maintenance tips, it is important to locate each component.

The coil and battery have to be removed so the tank can be dismantled. You can't clean the device unless you dismantle the tank. This is the chamber that fills the liquid. It needs to be clean so you get to enjoy the pure flavor.

Select right time

You may not be able to clean the device if the tank is occupied to its full capacity. You have to ensure that the vape tank is empty when you clean it. If the tank has liquid then you should dispose of it so the tank is empty.

If you have used up all vaping liquid then it is the right time to clean the device. The tank has to be cleaned using warm water. You should always clean the tank perfectly so it does not smell bad.

Use rinsing action

Rinsing is one of the best techniques you can use when cleaning the vape kit. The tank should always be rinsed. You can rinse the tank directly under running water. Even if you are using the best Voopoo liquid and kit you have to rinse the tank.

You can also fill warm water in the bowl and rinse the tank in the bowl. Avoid rinsing the coil and the battery as they should not be washed. The tank has to be dried once it has been rinsed.

Use alcohol

Alcohol is one of the best cleaning agents. It also helps remove tar. The mouthpiece should also be cleaned using pure alcohol. This is one action that will ensure that no residues are left behind.

The vape kit might accumulate tar and carbon. These have to be cleaned before you continue using the same device. Always use the right grade alcohol that is available in the market. You can also approach the best dealer and let them handle the cleaning task.

Once every two months the device has to be well maintained. This is essential if you are using a reusable type of device. If you are using a disposable vape kit then you only have to clean the mouthpiece. Do not continue using the device if it has not been cleaned perfectly. 

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