Nicotine Salts - An Exciting Technology to Enter Vaping!

Nicotine Salts - An Exciting Technology to Enter Vaping!

The basic nicotine you will be used to in e-liquid is generally named freebase nicotine. This technique of nicotine is not tied to anything else so it is relatively volatile, implying it is an effortlessly vaporized form of nicotine.

Always freebase nicotine is greatly harsher on the throat than nicotine salts, thus freebase nicotine categories are normally much lower than in nicotine salts. So what are nicotine salts? Let’s understand 

Nicotine Salt

Nicotine salt is an extra natural state of nicotine, nearer to the structure that nicotine is found in tobacco leaf. It is composed of freebase nicotine tied with one or extra organic mixes to develop a more permanent molecule.

This extra-biological makeup of nicotine builds a molecule with a varied pH pertained to freebase nicotine. An additional neutral pH, as found in nicotine salts can build limited a throat hit - even at elevated nicotine levels.

Several salt nicotine solutions may have different percentages of throat hit at similar strengths. For instance, a 25mg nicotine salt e-liquid might be splendidly smooth on one flavor, but another flavor with the exact strength might possess a better throat hit.

Advantages of Nicotine Salts:-

1.       Nicotine Absorption:

Nicotine is soaked up into the bloodstream sooner than ordinary 'freebase' nicotine. So it means that you get an extra satisfying vape sooner and without keeping to vape as often. 

2.       Vast Shelf Life:

As the nicotine salt is an additional stable molecule, the shelf life for the commodity is extended than basic freebase nicotine. 

3.       Portability & Convenience:

Because nicotine salts enable elevated nicotine levels, appliances can be much tinier and portable related to standard vaping devices whilst however giving an incredibly satisfying vape! The Voopoo DRAG X pod tank is constructed to be simple to use, whilst maintaining features organized on regular tanks.

Who should use nicotine salts?

  • Pack a day, smokers
  • Hefty smokers
  • Mouth-To-Lung vapers
  • People highly hang on to nicotine.


a.       Impenetrable system devices:

If you're fresh to nicotine salts, it’s advised to begin with a sealed pod system tool. The benefit of tight systems is that pods come pre-filled at reasonable nicotine strength to fit the device's output. You don't require to refill the pod, or shift any curls! Barely dispose of a pod once it's vacant and pops in a fresh pre-filled pod. 

b.      Proposed sealed system device:

For the extremely decent nicotine salt devices check out our N ONE Disposable Nicotine Salts 20mg Pod N1 Nic Salt Pod Vaping Device Pack of three. 

c.       Open system devices:

Open systems, also called refillable pod systems, require to be refilled once they get empty. Relying on the device, the coil may moreover require to be shifted over time. The benefit of open systems is that any nicotine salt or freebase nicotine products can be utilized with them, implying a larger spectrum of names and flavors.

If you've already encountered nicotine salt or want to promote from a sealed system, we have plenty of offers! Look into our pod salt UK and a vast range of refillable pod system products here.

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