Innovations Keep Changing the Vaping Habit

Innovations Keep Changing the Vaping Habit

The most significant benefits of choosing the G-Priv 4 relates to the ergonomic leather handle which seems to be ergonomic in the hand while producing the textured elegance which is sure to turn heads.

G-Priv 4 Mod specifications and benefits 

The Smok G Priv 4 is known to be the latest box mod in the long line of G-Priv devices such as G-Priv 2 and G-Priv3. Considering the previous devices available, it can be demonstrated that the new setup features a 2.0-inch touch screen, therefore choosing models, and changing the theme and settings seems to be effortless. The Vape data is organized effectively to create the reading data on the go.

SMOK G-PRIV 4 kit comes along with a maximum output of 230 W, 2.0- an inch screen available for various modes like MY, TC, and VW mode. It is paired with a pre-installed V18 Mini mesh 0.33-ohm coil along with the three large slot bottom-to-up airflow systems. It facilitates you to get the best flavor and blow wild clouds. The grip available includes four options of color 

·  Grey

· White

· Beige

· Brown

How G-Priv 4 does works?

There is a need to understand that all G-Priv 4 works with dual 18650 batteries accessible via the bottom flip cap. If the batteries require being topped off, it needs a 2 amp quick charging port available on the control face which makes it convenient to recharge them instantly. Along with the box, it incorporates a cable through which the process of recharging can be done more effectively.

Inside the mode is the recent IQ-M chipset that allows up to 230 Watt power in different modes along with the feature of temperature control. The chipboard is capable to balance the performance through the level of stability and allows the device to fire quickly within 0.01 seconds.

Additionally, there include a multitude of safety measures and features available like intelligent atomizer recognition, 8-second cutoff, short circuit protection, overheat protection, over-discharge protection along with the reverse connection problem.

ELF Bar MC6OO shisha disposable Vape Review

Another option available to you is the ELF Bar MC6OO shisha disposable Vape providing a shisha type Vape which is completely different from the rest of the Elf bar disposable range. The device itself is shaped in the form of a milk carton and is available in a box including the Aztec-inspired print.

There is not much to the device besides its simple auto-draw mouthpiece, boxy shape along with fan-shaped bottom airflow intake valve. The airflow hole available in the device will store the LED indicator light which turns on when you are inhaling identically to other Elf Bars.

If you are looking for a different Elf bar shisha experience but prefer the reliability and convenience of the Elf bars, it is one of the most preferred options available to you. The Elf bar MC600 Shisha disposable is very distinct when compared to other available Elf ranges that deliver subtle flavors with much lesser sweetener and focused on the satisfying, smoking throat hit you will receive from the shisha pipe.

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